Monday, July 26, 2010

He Said, She Said

"WOW" is really all can say about this weekend.  Yep.  Wow.

Friday night was:

1.  Sell your old gold for cash!  Seriously.  And I went.  And I made $160.
2.  Receiving the BEST cocktail napkins EVER from Babbo Natale:

3.  The game "Pick Up Lines" at Daisy's.  It was hysterical.  Apparently I DO NOT respond well to pick up lines :)
4.  Louis played with his puppy friends and wore himself completely out.

Saturday was:

1.  Summer Cocktail Crawl!

(yes, that's me...with a lai on my head)

(barbie and i)

(MK, me & Babbo Natalie.  photo bomb = the ex.  lovely.)

So I met a nice guy.  A bit of a funny story I was trying to introduce him to someone else, but she wasn't really on board.  So, he and I chatted it up and he asked for my number :-o   However, the ex then proceeded to tell him that we had 2 children together.  New Guy looked a bit horrified and left.  Nice.  We'll see if he calls.  10 to 1 he won't.  Grrr....

Sunday was:

1.  I was exhausted on Sunday for PJ Brunch Club after such an exciting Saturday.  BUT...I finally got myself together in PJs and slippers and headed off to the The Voice of Reason & Mr. Swiss' house for a Swiss Style Brunch.  Yum, yum, yum...

2.  I heard a lot of interesting things on Sunday.  Things I don't really want to believe, but unfortunately I do.  Someone once shared the old proverb "Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see" with me.  Fundamentally I understand the thinking here.  Really I do.  BUT...

3.  Discovery of various bruises on my arms and legs of indeterminate origin :(

4.  NCIS marathon with the puppy. 

Happy Monday!



Preppy Girl Meets World said...


First of all: I love those cocktail napkins and want to find them now.

Second of all: TLS and I are huge Snoopy fans. We just had an NCIS marathon on our couch with Snoopy. I had your blog open, and when we saw the picture along with the words "NCIS marathon" we both shrieked! He is currently saying "we just did the same freaking thing!" He is also giving you an open invitation to our house.

MCW said...

Ex needs to grow up....then maybe you can call him Twenty?

I love marathon's on the couch with nothing to do!!!

Julie Leah said...

You watch NCIS marathons too? That is one of my favorite shows!

I hope the new guy calls. Boo on your ex! Jerk.

Happy Monday, lovey!


Jenny DB said...

@MCW haha that's a good one. But oh dear, he is trying to sabotage your new dating prospects. Cute, and ridiculous all wrapped in one! :-) so what sorts of things are we hearing that we don't want to believe? I'm curious now. Also, your bruises (aka "UDIs") these are fun to make up stories.. my boy's folks asked me about a big one on my leg and so i said joe beats me. it was better than the alternative... i have no clue because err i just dont remember how that happened

Ann said...

Reading your post made me realize what boring weekends I Oh well could be worse.

Jess said...

Fun weekend! My good friends are in the first picture with you (A&T)! I'm so sad I missed the pub crawl...

dreaming in pink and green said...

LOVE those napkins-seriously, too funny

Unknown said...

To answer your question from weeks ago, I did go to Mustard Seed when I was in Bethesda. They have a new one called Reddz thats very similar (a little bigger too!) that I love as well!

Charleston Girl said...

Love the dress you're wearing...too cute... and the lei on the head was cute too, lol!