Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Westie Wednesday

I picked Louis up last night, and boy was I excited to see him!!!  He apparently had FOUR baths while I was away :-o  Louis has a way of getting very dirty.  As soon as you take your eyes off of him he finds a pond to fall into, a pile of dirt to roll in, or a large English Bull Mastiff to stand under while it is using the bathroom.  I know...gross!  However, I'm beginning to think he does it on purpose.  Louis is quite the fan of being pampered with baths and blow dryers, etc. 

So, I brought my clean puppy home let him out into the back yard for some play time.  However, these 98 degree temps were too much for him.  He (very dramatically, of course) flung himself onto the grass and sighed.  I think that is westie speak for "it's too hot!"

When I was small and my parents would leave go out of town, they would always bring me a prize upon their return.  I think the idea was to make it not so terrible that they had left me.  They wanted me to know that they were thinking of me while they were away.  That has always stayed with me, and now when I leave LW for a trip I always bring him a prize.  Honestly, I sometimes stock up on new toys and hide them in the closet...and then when I come back from a trip I present him with one.  But this time I actually bought his prize while I was away.  I placed it in his toy basket, and when he wandered over to pick out a toy last night he was perplexed.  A new toy?  Oh yes!  And he loved it.  And I knew he would.  And it's the perfect toy to replace that awful pig.'s pink.  And Louis is a boy.  But he doesn't seem to notice :)

Last night Louis and I slept snuggled up on the couch together.  Sometimes he is quite independent, and wants to be on another end of my "U" shaped couch.  But last night he wanted to snuggle up as close as possible.  And he laid his head on my chest.  And he sighed.  And he snuggled even closer.  And then he started to snore.  And I was in heaven :)  It was the best night's sleep I've had in a very long time.



Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Snuggly, snoring pups are the best!

Ann said...

Duke's idea of cooling off in this heat is jump in the pool when I've got my back turned.
He sees me walk in the house with a bag and always wants to know what's in it for him. Apparently ever time I leave I'm supposed to bring him something. I also have a stash for those times when I don't buy him anything.