Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's Discuss.....

The Hills ending scene...let's discuss!!  Okay, okay..I've not really seen it yet.  Only heard about it.  Let's hold off on discussion at the moment....


What we CAN discuss is TRHONJ.  Come on Danielle!!!!  Pulling on someone's extensions does not = death.  Sheesh.  Although Teresa really should have kept her mouth shut, Danielle wins the "psycho of the night" award.

How bad did everyone feel for Teresa when she kept saying her house was not foreclosed on?  Poor thing.  That cat's already out of the bag.


USAnetwork is probably my favorite TV channel.  Hard to believe it trumps Lifetime...I know, I know.  Anyway, they have some pretty good shows on.  And since I've been converted into a TV watching couch potato in the last year, I'm really starting to "care" about what's on TV. 

Covert Affairs...let's discuss.  The main female character is from Coyote Ugly.  Remember her?  The cute, poor, "i want to sing but am afraid to do so w/the lights on" blonde?  The one who rocks it out w/LeAnne Rhymes (who is now a home wrecking slut) on the bar at the end of the movie?  And the main male character appears to be the guy from Harper's Island.  You didn't miss that mini-series did you?  If so, I feel sorry for you.  I was obsessed.  Thank you baby Jesus for DVRs :)  Anyway, he has dark hair, a cute smile, and maybe a dimple or two.  Clean cut kid that everyone thinks will emerge as the hero.  Turns out he's a bit bi-polar or something though, and he ends up being the person who is hacking everyone up.  Oops.  I'm not sure what his role is on Covert Affairs, but he seems a little shady in the previews.  I was glad to see that.  I don't want to be caught off guard this time.

The premise seems to be that Coyote Ugly girl is a CIA agent.  But it's a super big secret, and like her roommate doesn't even know.  Which is dumb.  A bit  Mr. & Mrs. Smith if you ask me.  Anyway, Coyote Ugly girl is called Annie, and seems a bit ditsy.  Probably not the best quality for a CIA agent, but I guess time will tell.  I've got the DVR set.  I'm going to give it at try.  I'm quite sure it won't be any Royal Pains, of course, but perhaps it will be as entertaining as In Plain Sight?  I'll get back to you on that....


Let's discuss the fact that there are no pictures of Louis in my house.  It's a travesty.  I actually need to update all of my picture frames because I don't even like some of the people in them anymore.  But...first things first.  I've purchased this:

I'm not exactly sure where I will place it, but before I decide on that I'd better get a picture printed.  The current problem is that my computer has blown up.  Literally.  And all of my pictures are on it.  And I'm afraid to take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  Because I'm afraid they are going to say they can't get any of my stuff back.  And that will make me cry :( 

So, for now the frame is sitting on my kitchen table sans picture of Louis.  I'll put one in there.....eventually.


The girls trip last weekend was fabulous.  We went to Baltimore.  We do it every year :)  Some highlights from this year's trip would be:

(Minus 5 bar..just like ICE Bar in London that Kat and I went to)

(BFF, me, A on the "ice couch")

(I'm not really sure what I'm doing here???)

(tapas pre going out)

(random guy who was a part of a random bunch)

(randoms strike...again)

I spent too much money, and I had too much fun.  But, I seem to do that every year :)  I'm so glad to be home I just can't even tell you!  I refuse to leave Smalltown, VA for ANYTHING until August 20th.  I have another friend getting married, and another bachelorette weekend.  BUT...that is the ONLY reason I'm leaving!  Ha!


Anyone want to discuss the fact that THIS GIRL:

got to ride in a fire truck last night?  Yea.  That was me.  No 911 emergency or anything, I just got to :)  Because it was my birthday. least I said it was.  Shame!  Shame!


Even though I'm back home I still feel like I can't slow down.  I had wine group last night, dinner at my most favorite restaurant tonight (yum! yum!), a 6 year old's birthday party tomorrow night, a get together Friday night, the lake on Saturday......and on and on and on.....

Barbie recently mentioned that she and Ken needed to "piss some of their friends off".  Her reasoning was that in doing so, they would be invited to less events.  Therefore, they wouldn't feel like heels for RSVPing "no" to just have a night or two at the house.  I laughed, of course, but now I'm beginning to think she's on to something. 

I miss Louis.  Although I can bring him with me to many of the get togethers I attend, there are a lot I can't bring him to.  And quite frankly, I like Louis more than some of the people who are having these events.  So, I think I'm just going to have to start making things up like "Louis isn't feeling well, and I'm going to need to stay home with him."  OR..."Louis will have been home alone 2 nights in a row, and I just can't do that to him for a third night."  Why not?  People that have kids use them for an excuse all the time!!  They also call in to work all of the time because their kids are sick.  I've yet to use Louis for that, but hey..who knows :)

My point is, I'm exhausted!  I am in desperate need of some T Time.  And I'm going to take it on Sunday.  I'm going to power off the BlackBerry, order Chinese and read a book.  Lord help the person who rings my doorbell (Chinese delivery man excluded).  I know I wouldn't want to be them ;)



the Hard Way said...

Well hello there! I have a few thoughts:

First & foremost - I LOVE love love your dress at the Ice Bar. Gorgeous!

2- You should absolutely be allowed to use Louis as your excuse to stay home. No guilt allowed! :)

C - I'm so glad that there's an out-of-towner who knows that Houston in nyc is pronounced like "house". And it tickles me pick that you accept the weird looks from the ignorant & pronounce it correctly anyway. Go T!

4a - Thanks for 3 posts in 1 day. This day has been sooo slow otherwise ;)

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Ok a), you should hurry up and watch the hills so we can discuss!
And b), don't fear the geek squad! My boyfriend worked for geek squad for a number of years--I wish we could help you get your computer back up and running!
Now c), if your camera has an sd card, you can take it to walgreens and edit, crop, rotate, and print a picture of your little boy to put in the new frame!
Lastly d), it's ok to use Louis as an excuse! My mom does that with her little fur baby all the time!

Now hurry up and watch the hills!!!

MCW said...

I am from right outside of B-more and didn't even know about that ice bar. I will have to visit. Looks cold???
I just realized that I am away every weekend (but this coming one, but my friend is in town) until August 28th!!! Ahhhh!

Caroline said...

I went to the Ice Bar this past Saturday (too? if I read it right?) and it was so much fun! I have a picture with the same bartender, haha.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

T, it looks like you're having the most fun summer ever. So jealous of all your outings. ;-)

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Apparently not! And I believed it all too! I think what it was is that there was truth to all of it but then they just stretched and edited it to make it "interesting@ for the viewers. I hate that it's ending! I have been a faithful viewer since it started!! And who was your favorite person?I think Lo because she was always so sweet and level-headed. Or possibly audrina, just because I can relate to her situation with Justin Bobby.

Jenny DB said...

I love LOVE the dress you're wearing at the Ice bar, it looks fabulous on you also :)