Friday, November 5, 2010

Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba

I feel like I'm moving at Speedy Gonales' speed lately.  But I'm going to be leaving you for a little while, and I wanted to catch you up before I go. 

Do you remember in elementary, when you did that Presidential Fitness Award nonsense in PE?  There was that one thing called the Shuttle Run?  No? this.  It should bring back some memories:

Only we had little blocks that we had to deposit over each line. 

I digress.

Let me update you, as best I can, in a just a few minutes.  Because I've got to do the shuttle run here again in a few minutes.  And it isn't even my shuttle's someone else's.  But I'm not going to go there right now :)  We'll save that story until I return.

Cooking class was fantastic this week!  Marilyn Monroe hosted, and she decided to raise the bar BIG TIME.  Her boyfriend, the drummer, was at home while we were cooking.  We only had to consult him twice (he's a great cook), so I'd say that overall it was a success:)

(prosecco with mangos.  mmmm....)

(Marilyn Monroe supervising me as I chop peppers)

Then, the tailgate crew headed up to Blacksburg, VA yesterday for the Virginia Tech v. Georgia Tech game.  It was phenomenal.  I haven't enjoyed a game that much in years.  I've actually lost my voice from all of the screaming and cheering that took place.

It was freezing outside.  But the rain stopped.  Thank heavens for that! 

Here is a view of the game, from my perspective :)

(taxi girl & me with VT helmets.  with the band.)

**Side Note**  Taxi girl took a taxi from Salem, VA to Blacksburg, VA to our tailgate.   Yep.  You read that correctly.  She took a taxi.  To a tailgate.  In another city.  Awesome.  It cost $100.  If you were wondering.  I love my friends.

(the group...)

(every time VT scores at the Thursday Night Game)

( score)

I love the Thursday Night Game.  I haven't missed it in years.  We are already planning the next one :)

Now, back to me leaving you.  I'm going to Texas.  Yes.  Texas.  I've polished off my cowboy boots, and I'm ready to enjoy some margaritas.  This is for work, so it's not all play.  But don't you worry now...T will find a way to have bit of fun while she's away ;)

I've got no guest bloggers.  I've got no scheduled posts.  I'm terribly sad about that, but as I said.....Shuttle Run nonstop over here in T's world.  I was negligent.

So, in order to assure you do not forget this little blogger while she is off roping cattle and riding bulls, I'm going to show you a little picture of myself.  Not that you care...but since I'm all weirdy pants about showing my face, I'm going to shake it up and give you the goods.  All of them.  Well, I am wearing a cap.  But that's the best you are gonna get :)  And besides...this picture is not nearly as silly if you can't see my expression.  So there. 

Have a fabulous weekend loves.  I will miss you terribly, and I have scheduled to take off 2 whole days from work upon my return to catch up on your blogs.  Honest Ed.  So I'll see you back here on Monday, November 15th? 

I hope so. 

And I'll be taking my picure down then too :) she goes............




MLD said...

I hated EVERYTHING about the shuttle run. We had to use chalkboard erasers and it was NO fun at all. Hope you have a great big fun Texas adventure!

Leslie said...

You're adorable! Even dressed in horrible Hokie gear (don't hate me, but I'm a Hoo, and Legacy one at that!) :-)

Have a blast in TX! Can't wait to hear about it!

Dee Stephens said...

As I commented on this picture!
We will miss you :( Have fun in Texas!

Jess said...

I love the spirit fingers!!! Have fun in Texas :) I'll miss your daily reads!!

Deviled Megs said...

LOVE those spirit finger gloves!! I have slacked like nobody's business in posting this's so sad because I kept thinking of things to write, and then never have had any time. And now it's off to Chicago for work, boo!

Have fun in Texas -- drink a margarita (or 6) for me!

Annie said...

We'll miss you! You are too funny with your spirit fingers! Honky tonk it up girl!

Beth Dunn said...

Your cooking class looks awesome!

Jess said...

See you when you get back!! I'm sure you'll have one or two fun stories for us!

Looks like cooking and tailgating and football watching were all lots of fun!

the Hard Way said...

AWESOME!!! I LOVE your pom pom gloves!! Have a terrific Texan weekend!

The Bee Charmer said...

Have fun in Texas but remember, the margaritas in Texas are different from the margaritas everywhere else. One Texas margarita = 2.5 everywhere else margaritas.... Just sayin' so plan your life accordingly.

Jenny DB said...

I think I'll be having thai food for dinner tonight! :-) that looks delicious. Also, VERY cute tailgate pic. Good thing you had those gloves to keep yall warm

Ann said...

Those are some gloves you got there. Too fun :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Texas!! xoxox

SASS said...

You're such a beauty, T! I've been wanting to see your face (creepy?)!
That cooking class looks fantastic, and the food looks majorly delicious! Been catching up- missed ya!

DIMH said...

Texas sounds faaaaaaaab. Have a blast! I think your days off to read blogs is hilarious awesome. I know what you mean though! It can be hard to keep up! My friend was at the Thursday night game too! Funny. Ok, way too many exclamation points in there.

Ashley said...

yum, dinner looks delish!!
Love the picture you put up! I saw last week someone asked why you never post a picture of yourself.
Have a fabulous time in TX, even if you DO have to do some work :)
PS. I ordered my cards from shuttefly!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey there GORGEOUS - just a note to say hi and I miss you and I hope that Texas has been a BLAST for you this week, even with work, I know you will make time for some funny fun! I bet your sweet baby boy misses you and will be dying for some snuggles and puppy kisses when you get home! Love ya!! xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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