Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Take One!

My trip to Big City, VA was lovely.  Just lovely!  Louis was very excited to meet his Nana for the first time.  They became fast friends, and he even won over her Love Bird named Katie Scarlet :)

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant while I was there.  I've never had Vietnamese.  I'm most excited to have tried it.  I'm not sure I'm a HUGE fan of pho, simply because of the overload of onions in it.  Perhaps Pho, minus onions would make T a fan?  I'll have to try that the next time.

We took Louis on a walk at a nearby park.  There had to be 25 dogs out and about that morning, and he made it a point to socialize with each and every one, of course!

I saw this on someone's car.  And I thought I was bad!  How do you feel about this?  About airbrushing your pet's photo on to your license plate, and then their name next to it?  Hmmm...

We went shopping, and I bought a little something for the newest baby in my life.  I got him this presh little lamby:

He makes the sound of a mother's heartbeat, and is placed in the crib when baby is falling asleep.  He also makes the sound of a river, and other such soothing sounds.  Very clever little contraption if I do say so myself.  Wish I had gotten Louis one of these when I first brought him home.  I probably would have gotten a bit more sleep if I had! 

I also got the little guy this sign with his name on it:

Then it was time to shop for Louis! 

I bought him this fabulous new VT collar:

And don't you know his Nana spoiled him senseless by buying him the plaid Christmas collar I've been looking for everywhere, but haven't been able to find!

AND, she also bought him a Christmas water bowl :)  It's gynormous, and striped like a candy cane. says "Merry Christmas" on the bottom inside, so every time he has a drink he is wished a Merry Christmas.  He truly is a very spoiled little boy! 

AND....All of the rest of the pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities are on my camera.  Which is charging at the moment.  So...I'll skip to the Virginia Tech/UVA game party at my house back in Smalltown, VA.


The Hokies won.  In case you weren't already aware :)  GO HOKIES!!!

Bunches of friends came over to watch the game.  I had the chance to see slively and his wife for the first time in a few weeks.  They just had a baby, and you can imagine how tired they are :)  And The Real Housewife of Delaware and Mr. Delaware came too!  TRHOD is preggers, and I got to see her belly (and love on it a bit too!). 

(me and LW waiting for everyone to arrive)

(LW is worn out from all of this travel and entertaining)

(The Cheerleader and LW.  he loves The Cheerleader so very much)

(TRHOD and I in front of my Hokie flag on the front door)

(LW gets sleepier and sleepier as the day goes on)

(Mr. Delaware and TRHOD...isn't she just presh pregnant?!?!  i think so)

(my neighbor did this while I was sleeping.  she is a UVA fan, of course.  blech!)

Sunday I cleaned up the house from Saturday's festivities, and we replaced my flag pole.  It broke, hence the flag hanging on the front door!  We went to brunch.  We did some Christmas shopping.  I relaxed a bit.  It was freezing outside, so we had a fire.  And we watched The Wolfman.  Have you heard of it?  I rather liked it, I think. 

Seersucker Suit Movie Review coming soon!

I surely do hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was absolutely lovely!  I hope that you ate more turkey than your waste line could handle.  I hope that you had stuffing galore.  And most importantly, I hope that you had someone very special to share it with :) 

Back tomorrow with Thanksgiving Take Two!



love jenny xoxo said...

so cute!! I love the jacket, I want two for my boys!


Annie said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I'm not so sure about those license plates with the pups name on it! ;)

You coming to Charlotte for the VT game on Saturday?

how i met your father blog said...

glad to hear your weekend was lovely! j'adore louis' new collars, especially the tartan!

Ann said...

Well Louis sure did make out like a bandit over thanksgiving. I just love his jacket.

MCW said...

She is adorable pregnant! Seriously...

Love L's new Christmas collar.

VA Gal said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Your dog looks so precious - even in a Tech collar. Sorry, UVA alum here. It was a sad Saturday for us, but I'm sure you had a blast.

Dee Stephens said...

Go Hokies! At least I have them to cheer on since my LSU Tigers blew it over the weekend :(
Have a safe trip!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I love Louis' sweater and houndstooth harness. Tres presh! xo xo