Thursday, December 30, 2010

Il Est Presque La Saint-Sylvestre!!

It's almost time for:

I am so incredibly blessed to have a wonderful party to attend every year.  A place to watch the clock transport us from year to year with those I love dearly.

We will be surrounded by friends, as the bubbles begin to flow.

Do you have anyone to:

this year? 


Tote said...

Have a great time! We will just stay home, have Chinese food, and watch the ball fall.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope you have a wonderful night :)

DIMH said...

I think you know who I'll be smooching ;) Can't wait to go out and party!

Ann said...

I'll be lucky if I even stay awake to watch the ball drop on TV. Have fun at your party

MCW said...

Happy New Year!!! Maybe I will find someone to smooch :)

SASS said...

Happy New Year T! Hope you found someone to kiss last night ;)
Here's to 2011!

Ashley said...

I almost didnt do something this year, but then I feel too guilty NOT doing something fun, especially when we get so many options! Hope you had a fabulous celebration!!