Tuesday, December 21, 2010



I'm here. 

My fingers are so tired from swiping my Visa, and wrapping packages, that I'm having a hard time typing. 

Louis has been overwhelmed with the holidays this year as well:

(DISCLAIMER!  Louis did not consume this alcohol.  I did :)

The good news is.....WE'RE READY!  Finally.

I do have so many things to share with you though.  Like the fabulous package we got from our friends Julep & Derby & Katie.  And the movie Santa Buddies that we watched last night.  Louis wouldn't take his eyes off of the TV for 45 minutes straight.  Talking dogs?  What?  What?  I probably won't do a Seersucker Suit Movie Review on it, but it was cute.  The puppies saved Christmas.  Yep.  Puppy Paws to the rescue.

Tonight is Zumba.  Tomorrow cooking class...and then....T and Louis are off to Big City, VA for Christmas! 

I promise when I return I will have some exciting stories to share.  Even if I have to make them up.

Just kidding.

But not really ;)

Happy Christmas!!



LL said...

I like you because you are at least as obsessed with your dog as I am :)

BelleinBows said...

Glad you are ready. I am still a long way off. Safe travels to you and Louis. Merry Christmas!

MCW said...

Poor Louie...all worn out! Have a great Christmas!!!

Peaches said...

Louis is so cute in that pic. Have a great Christmas T!

Ann said...

Louis doesn't appear to be a very big drinker. One and he's out like a light...lol

Jess said...

I was just wondering how you were the other day!! Can't wait to hear all your stories!! Happy Holiday Celebrations!!!

Ashley said...

I am sure you will have REAL stories to tell!! :) haha
that picture is so cute!!