Friday, January 7, 2011

I Want to Shoot Guns. For Real.

Marilyn Monroe sent out an e-mail this morning.  It was a list of quotes from Louis' 1st Birthday Party.  We've started doing this.  Taking down the quotes in our phone from a night out.  I cannot tell you how absolutely hysterical it is the next day.  Apparently what we say makes a lot of sense, and is relevant, at the time...but the next day?  Not so much.

Here is what we came up with:

"WIMP let your eye loose" - mrs.mfc

"WIMP you've got a weird look on your eye" - Marilyn Monroe

(side note...we were trying to take a group picture, and WIMP kept messing up the picture by her eye looking weird.  clearly mrs.mfc and Marilyn Monroe were trying to explain this to her.  I don't recall if it worked or not?)

"Julep may be little, but she has the tongue of Gene Simmons!" - Marilyn Monroe

"T likes industrial strength material" - Rach

"1, 2, 3...Blow out" - Marilyn Monroe

"I want to shoot guns. For real" - T

"I got batteries" - Marilyn Monroe

If you haven't ever done this before, I highly recommend it.  Always good for a laugh.  Especially when your girlfriend finds the list 6 months after it was made!  Hysterical :)

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you next week!


T & Louis


mrs.mfc said...

I'm so glad you remembered what night this was from!! I had absolutely NO clue.... which doesn't say a lot for my condition that evening :) I blame the cali car bombs....

Tote said...

Sounds like a funny thing to do. Give Lewis a big hug for me!
Have a great weekend too.

An American Girl in London said...

I love it!! I have a word doc from one night in college when I wrote down quotes as they were happening when we were pre-gaming (so college-v yet also, real life) and it was hysterical! it needs to make a come back!!

Beth Dunn said...


Screen Door Prep said...

LOL What a fun post! Hope you had an equally fun weekend! =)

how i met your father blog said...

this is so hysterical -- what a fun idea!