Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Westie Wednesday

New Year's Eve Day I was off from work (thank you lovely CEO of mine), and LW wanted to go to the dog park.  I knew he would be in his crate for most of the evening, and the park sounded like a great idea.  He could run himself silly, play with the other pups, and then rest while I was out gallivanting that night. 

We arrived at the park and Louis commenced sniffing.

There was a husky puppy there called Mia, and she and Louis became fast friends.

Then a corgi called Olive arrived!

Louis very much wanted to be Olive's friend, but she was much more interested in another pup (whose name I can't recall).

Poor sweet Louis.  Whatever would he do? about this:

Mud puddle anyone?  BLECH!  Is it possible that he isn't aware that he is a white puppy?  OR...perhaps he is aware, and just doesn't care one bit?  Who knows! 

I have a feeling LW isn't the only pup who had a bath immediately upon returning home.

Isn't he/she beautiful?  Whatever kind of pup is this?  Do you know? 

New Year's Day we went to Daisy's house for our Good Luck Supper :)  It was tasty, and LW was excited to play with Daisy's pups.  However, at one point he became a scaredy pups...and SAT ON MY FACE! 

At least he didn't toot :-o

Westie Kisses,

T & Louis


Dee Stephens said...

Buddy has gotten like that at the doggy park too. The worst is getting him in the car. Mud and crap everywhere!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

potter really takes down the dog park when we go too! He is a total mess by the time we get home. But he loves it!

Jess said...

Haha! Awh, Louis! So sweet.

I absolutely love huskies!! I just find them so gorgeous!

Tote said...

I can't believe how much he and Jake look alike, duh, they are the same breed. It still seems strange. He looks like he had a good time!

Ann said...

I'm pretty sure that they just don't care what color they are, they think mud is fun. :)