Thursday, January 13, 2011

In My Absence

I know many of you have questions.  I'm trying to figure out how to answer them.  Bare with me :)

I DID decide to buy the dress I posted about.  BUT...the only reason is because I will NOT be using my credit card :)  I get paid this Thursday.  And, I am getting a bonus check as well.  And, somehow I completely forgot about that!  So, I will use some of that money to buy my dress.  (YIPPEEEEE!  goodie goodie gum drops!!  EGADS!)  The rest of it will go toward my credit card.  Problem solved.

I really, super, duper appreciate all of your thoughts on the dress though.  Truly I do!  I started a tally at my desk.  I was pretty much going to go with whatever you guys said the most of.  Mrs.mfc told me that I couldn't do that.  But I was going to.  Because I am terrible at making decisions sometimes.  And then I remembered my bonus.  And I felt like it was a sign.  Even though I know God doesn't really give us signs like that.  I'm pretending that he does.  And I'm buying it ;)

We had cooking class last night.  We made Italian Meatballs.  Daisy hosted.  Louis attended because his day care has been cancelled for 2 days in a row.  Because of snow.  It hasn't even snowed here really.  Bizarre.  Apparently they run on the "county school schedule".  Which makes me giggle.  Bunches.

My boss is visiting from Our Nation's Capital today. 

I have auto scheduled this post.  Therefore it is not very exciting, or information filled.  I know you understand. 

I will be back Friday with lots of lovely stories and such.




MCW said...

NYC never gets off school! So frustrating. They have canceled school 8 times in 30 years. Booo.

Jess said...

I wish I was just getting a bonus that I forgot about!! That would be quite nice!! Glad you managed to work it all out though, because I know how much you wanted it!!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

How fun that you remembered your bonus. And just in time to purchase the dress. I know you'll looking stunning in it.

BelleinBows said...

Well, that is just perfect! You get the best of both worlds. The dress, and no more credit!
You are going to look great in it!

Tote said...

It was a sign! You were supposed to get that dress. Isn't it nice to come into extra money!

Have a good weekend!

Ashley said...

That is funny that doggy daycare is on the school schedule for snow days! ha
ANd, buying a house? did I miss something? I will go read now :)
YEY for bonus checks :)
I had to use my holiday bonus to pay our property taxes this year because I failed to save for them...they are due again in July and I put the rest of my bonus in savings so I have enough to pay them next time. bla- NOT fun stuff to spend a bonus on! And, I want to renegotiate how I was delegated this particluar bill when we did a budget! boo

DIMH said...

Yay meatballs! I made some this weekend. Yum Yum

AtlYankeeBelle said...

you let us decide on a dress, Im going to post a little post about all the guys I go out with so y'all can advise me to keep seeing them or move on - sad but true :)