Thursday, January 27, 2011

Someone Is Having a Baby!

not me sillies :)

The Real Housewife of Delaware is preggers.  I'm hosting her baby shower next month, and I've been working dilligently to find just the right invites, and shower decor, and center piece and prizes.  I just want everything to be perfect :)

This is the invitation that I selected:

The girl on the invitation reminds me so much of TRHoD.  A huge thank you to mrs.mfc for helping me find (and select) the invitation!!!  Next, I needed to come up with a centerpiece for the shower.  I scanned quite a few blogs, and came up with the idea of a diaper cake.  Some that I saw were amazing!  Others, not so much.  I was quite worried that mine would end up in the "not so much" category, but I'm actually quite pleased!  AND....TRHoD's little one will already have 96 diapers :)

One of the diaper cakes I saw had a bottle of champagne as the center.  This is to give the diapers something to lean against.  The champagne is then to be used for a toast when the baby is born!  I liked that idea, so you can see the tip of a champagne bottle coming out of the top of the 3rd layer of diapers!

(notice that sweet framed painting of a westie to the right of the cake? i need to figure out where to hang it!)

I've put some ribbon around it to dress it up, and I'm thinking that a pacifier bouquet of sorts on the top may be fun?  I'll have to let you know what I end up doing.  Any suggestions??

On my shopping trip to Michael's the other day I picked up these pretty prizes for TRHoD.  A journal and a pen, so that I can take down the names of the guests at her shower and the presents that they have given.  Aren't these perfect?  AND FOR A DOLLAR EACH?!?!  (clearly I still have not recovered from the bargains I found!) 

I've also purchased these "matchy matchy" Thank You cards for TRHoD to send out after the shower.  The funny thing is, TRHoD always picks on me for being so "matchy, matchy" :)  No doubt she will shake her head when she sees them, but that's okay.  She will get a kick out of it!

So far things are coming right along.  I'm super excited, and just hope that I get everything ship shape in time for the big event! 

Any suggestions or tips that you have from hosting baby showers would be most appreciated :)



Dee Stephens said...

How fun! I'm not a huge fan of baby showers unless they are super close friends!
Check out this post of mine and the diaper baby. Cool idea. You can probably google it.

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I love diaper cakes :) And I LOVE the idea of putting champagne in the middle....Lord knows mama will need it after giving birth and not drinking for 9 months!! Good job, T!!

Jess said...

You're way more creative than me, I'll tell you that much!! I love the idea of a diaper cake...and given your success with the cupcake cake, I bet you're going to do just fine. Love the invites too, very cute!!

Kelly said...

Love the invitations!

Bronwen said...

Super cute invites! And I'd totally appreciate the matchy-matchy thank you notes. :) I'll call you if I ever have a baby!

Twenty Something Blonde said...

You did SUCH a great job on the diaper cake! and I LOVE The matching thank you cards...such a GREAT idea!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

The invites are super cute and I am impressed with your diaper cake :)

Tote said...

I love the invites and thank you notes! So cute. The diaper cake would look with some pink flowers or pink roses tucked in between some of the layers.
You are doing an awesome job!

Pink Champagne said...

Oh what a lovely invitation, and I'm sure the shower will match!

Deviled Megs said...

Love it all! Esp more of those $1 Michael's finds :)

Ann said...

Those invitations and thank you cards are adorable and your diaper cake looks great.
As for suggestions, I can't offer any since I detest baby I don't know why but I've always hated them.

An American Girl in London said...

on the diaper cake you can decorate it with little pacifiers or baby bows for the baby's hair, or things like that. When I threw one for allison we all put a bet on when the baby would be born, how much it would weigh and how long it would, and the winner got a prize (afterwards, of course). OH and all my food was little themes, so mini burgers, you could do mini crab cakes, etc.