Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hera, Athena & Aphrodite Are in The House

Last night "the girls" got together for our weekly cooking class.  This group started with two of us (me and Marilyn Monroe) wanting to learn how to cook.  Daisy was already pretty proficient, but she was open to learning new things too.

Our little class has evolved into not only a cooking class (themed with decorations and wine pairings), but now themed outfits have joined the show.  And trust me...a show it is!

Mediterranean Chicken was on the menu last night.  Specifically, Greece was what we were after.  Daisy instructed us to wear "togas".  TEN pointed out that togas were Roman, and I gave him the stink eye.  Because really, who cares.

Marilyn Monroe didn't have a toga, so she wore her Cleopatra outfit.  Yes, Cleopatra.  As in Egypt.  As in Africa. 

I didn't have any type of outfit, so I wore a lavender sheet.  As a toga.  Marilyn felt I was "under dressed", so she gave me her grandmother's nightgown to wear over it.  And a metal belt to tie around my head.  And two bracelets. 

At one point I looked in the mirror at myself and was transported back to the dress up days in the mother's closet.  When I was 5.  I'm not kidding!  Here, let me show you what I'm talking about:

(that's Marilyn Monroe in the middle.  she's wearing a black wig.)

(yes, Daisy is wearing a cape.  it was purple.  this was to signify her as royalty.  i thought it was to signify her superhero status? bwahahaha..)

Have you ever seen such nonsense?  What is that written on our wine glasses you want to know?  Here...let me show you....

(Panhellenic means of or about uniting Greek peoples, technically.  We weren't quite sure how to do that, so we threw out our favorite sorority letters hoping that qualified)
(Martini's dad is skiing, so she is staying with Daisy for the week.  she wanted to be in a sorority as well.  we told her that she could be a KKG.  she was pleased)

(Louis announced that he was a Sigma Chi.  he's a legacy.  that's just how it is.  Martini looks a bit shocked! i take it she's not a Sigma Chi fan?)

(provolone cheese chunks...)

(baked in the oven...)

(with a wee dram of brandy on the top to catch it on fire!  the fire didn't photograph very well.)

(mmmmmm....absolutely delish!)

(Daisy having a snack while she tells us about the main course we will be making!)

(Martini feels that the pups should have a taste too!)

(Daisy gathers the pups in the kitchen for a "pup safe" taste test)

Dinner was again...DELISH!  I am thinking of "borrowing" Daisy's new Gumbo Cookbook, and trying out a recipe to teach at the next class I host.  We haven't done anything like Gumbo before.  Wouldn't that be fun?  As we were discussing what we would be doing for our next class, we received notification that WIMP and her husband were at a local dive bar.  Just down the way from where we were.  And we felt compelled to go.  In our toga-ish attire. 

Yes.  I'm serious.

(i had a wardrobe malfunction on the way down the street)

(and here we are!)

The funniest part of it all is that we walked into the bar dressed this way.  And everyone looked at us.  And they asked why were dressed that way.  And we replied:

"Oh, we had cooking class", and smiled.


I kid you not.

So, the next time someone asks me about the most bizarre thing I've done lately....I'm pretty sure I'll know exactly what to tell them :)



Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you can walk in there wearing anything and not stick out!! GREAT PLACE :)

That Mediterranean chicken looks DELICIOUS and it looks like something I could actually make...maybe I will surprise Chad tomorrow night ;) What a great gal I am...I haven't made dinner in months!! bahaha


Dee Stephens said...

Next week ya'll should do a Mardi Gras theme as it is the week leading up to Carnival!!

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

oh impromptu toga party.....

that food looks absolutely amazing!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I really want to come to one of your cooking classes! You guys have so much fun, I'm jealous!!

Dinner looks yum-o, as usual!

Annie said...

HILARIOUS! You guys crack me up!

Deviled Megs said...

I love this -- love, love LOVE this.

Jess said...

This just made me laugh. I read your facebook status last night about being at the bar in a toga and I was quite amused!! Glad I got to see photographic evidence that it actually happened.

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

all of that food looks delicious!!!
I loved your comment about the cooking club and the wine club! great idea!

Ashley said...

ahhaha- HOW Fun!! I want to learn to cook just so I can have that much fun!

REBrown said...

That chicken looks amazing!

katie lake said...


On another note - I want to come over and eat. Looks delicious!

MCW said...

That is awesome.

lesleyrae0814 said...

Didn't realize you were a DG...hey sista!

Your dinner looked fab, but the after dinner antics, in full costume, really make the post - ha!

The Redhead and her Pooch Lola said...

Love it!! Looks like you had a super fun time!

Tote said...

You guys are too funny! Looks like you all had fun.

the Hard Way said...

it is taking every ounce of self control i have in my little self to not BUST OUT LAUGHING at my desk right now. this tale is unbelievably funny - i want to be in your cooking class!!

how i met your father blog said...

omw this is both hyserical and awesome. love love love this!

Jenny DB said...

"We had cooking class" - clearly!!! bahaha cracking up.
OK so Martini is gorgeous. Seriously. (Don't be jealous Louis) and that pic where she's in the background making the WTF face makes me laugh :-)

Jenny DB said...

almost as much as your "togas"

love jenny xoxo said...

haha that's so funny! You girls seem like a blast!!

Have a great weekend!


Caroline said...

Two of the three sororities repped in my immediately family are on your glasses! Mommy was a DG and my baby sister is a Tri Delt. love it! (and your togas)