Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Weekend Was....

Friday night I got home after work, only to find out that one of my neighbors had passed away that morning :(  This woman was nothing short of amazing.  She was the type of person who dropped by with some "left overs" when she knew that you and your boyfriend had broken up.  And you probably weren't eating.

She always called to say she had the most recent trash pick up schedule if I wanted a copy.  And she taught me how to spray my bushes for bugs, so I didn't have to keep paying True Green gobs of money.  And gave me all of her husband's left over wood from his woodworking to use as kindling for my fires.  Because she knew I loved to have fires. 

I was devastated when I heard the news.  So were the other neighbors.  We spent all of Saturday cooking.  Lasagna, cavatini, manicotti.  Her family is Italian.  We wanted to be sure they had plenty to eat when all of the out of town family arrived.


Saturday night was just what I needed to put a smile on my face :)  Dinner with slively & his wife.  And I FINALLY got to meet their new baby boy, Clifford the Big Red Dog.  He is absolutely precious.  I rocked him in my arms for a long time, and quite honestly...I didn't want to let him go.  He is so handsome.  And happy.  And I think I need one.  Well, maybe not right this sec...but you know....


Sunday I took Louis Wellington to the Dog Park!  We were supposed to meet BFF & her Labradoodle, Buddy, at the park on Saturday...but with all of my neighbors over to cook and such there wasn't enough time. 


But, I will tell you that Louis had a lovely time.  And he is now a very dirty pup. Again. 


Sunday was also TEN's birthday.  I had all of these plans that included cooking dinner (paella...yummm!!) and other such things.  He said he wanted a "low key" evening.  I planned for low key. 

He came over and opened his gifts.  He then declared that he wanted to eat mexican and drink margaritas. 


So that's what we did.  We laughed bunches.  We drank too many margaritas.  We watched a movie, and both fell asleep before the end of the movie was over.

We are getting old.


Monday we were both off for President's Day.  Shopping was on our agenda, and we started by picking out some new Zumba shoes for me. 

I love them, and I can't wait to wear them next week!

Next up, the TJ MAXX Le Creuset section.  My favorite!!!  I ended up with:

8" square baking dish
(i am slowly replacing my clear Pyrex=BORING baking dishes with Le Creuset.  finding great deals at TJ Maxx is making it so much easier!)

12" rectangular baking dish

(this is the IDEA of what i bought.  the blue was more royal.  the inside is apple green.  and it is HUGE!!  most importantly, it was $9.99.  i haven't a clue what to do with it.  but i love it.)


We decided to try Cheddar's Casual Cafe for lunch.  It is somewhat new in Smalltown, VA, and neither of us had been.
Let me just say...if you go to Cheddar's...bring you appetite. 
TEN ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  When the server brought it out TEN exclaimed "my gosh!  i only ordered one!"
(what they brought TEN was actually BIGGER than this.  seriously.  i wish i had my bb and i could have taken a picture!)

I ordered the Chicken Fajita Quesadilla. 

(what they brought me was actually BIGGER than this.)

We also split an appetizer.  TEN got a salad.  And we had a few beers.

Our bill was UNDER $30.  Next time I think we will split the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with 3 others and call it a day.  The food was delicious, and super reasonable.  I would definitely recommend Cheddar's Casual Cafe if you are looking for an inexpensive lunch from a chain restaurant. 

Next we were off to Old Navy.  TEN doesn't wear a lot of jeans.  But, those that he does have were getting a bit frayed and ratty.  He decided Old Navy should have some jeans for him.  He had success, and so did I!

(we decided I couldn't pass this up :)

(i thought this would probably be more acceptable than the OTHER SHIRT I wanted to purchase)

(oxford shirt dress for $15.  it had work written all over it, and it came home with me!)

(as did this one)


Last night I had got together with the girls for a few drinks, and then TEN and I watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  I liked the movie.  I never saw the original Wall Street, I know...shoot me, so I didn't have anything to compare it to.  I think that perhaps I should order that on Netflix to see :) 

Today it is dreary and cold in Smalltown, VA.  I'm trying to keep a smile on my face though, because we were truly blessed with a BEAUTIFUL LONG WEEKEND!  And...hopefully I will have my new blackberry (and will actually work) by this afternoon.

Life is good,


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Annie said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor, that's so sad.

Sounds like you all had a nice weekend otherwise. Busy as always.

I think you may just have convinced me to go to Old Navy to find some jeans or khaki's for Kevin. He's so desperate for some.....actually I'm desperate for him to get some but whatever!

mrs.mfc said...

We've already talked about your sweet neighbor, your shopping and your meal at Cheddar's. So I'm just going to say this.... you said you think you need a baby. So I am going to bookmark this blog post just to have it handy :) Hehehehe!

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

i feel so bad for you for having to use that phone!!

looks like you had a nice long weekend!

Dee Stephens said...

There you go with your Anchors again!! You Dee-Gee you! HA! Sorry to hear about your neighbor :(

Tote said...

Your neighbor sounds like she was a lovely lady. Sorry for your loss.
Your weekend sounds wonderful! Packed full of friends and fun the way it should be.
I love the great deals you found at Old Navy too!!!

Tote said...

Your neighbor sounds like she was a lovely lady. Sorry for your loss.
Your weekend sounds wonderful! Packed full of friends and fun the way it should be.
I love the great deals you found at Old Navy too!!!

The Defunct Curator said...

Sorry about your neighbor, it was, I am sure, very helpful for you and all your neighbors to cook for her family. It looks like the rest of your weekend was a success! I need an equal success to find the husband some new jeans. Perhaps we will venture to Old Navy.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

T, I am so sorry about your friend and neighbor. xo xo

Ashley said...

I hope MCW tells you that your posts are long too, and not just me :) haha.
I have never seen Le Creuset at TJ MAXX but I will certainly look harder since you say so! I want Some Mexican now that you mention it...a couple margaritas too :)

DIMH said...

I'm intrigued by all this talk of Ten again...

how i met your father blog said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your loss; it's so hard to lose someone.
on a completely different note: i love the workdress you found at old navy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry by the loss of your friend and neighbor.

On a lighter note, I'm sorry that we are not real-life friends because we'd be the best shopping buddies.

I put my polka dot bowl on the counter, put in a pretty linen towel with a monogram and lime slice on it, and keep fruit in it.

MCW said...

That dress shirt is adorable.

The buff cheese things look to die for.

And I am so sorry about your neighbor...so nice that you all stepped in to help.

LoneStarPrep said...

I eat at Cheddar's occassionally for lunch... you are right, there is a TON of food but it is so inexpensive! Love the anchor top : )

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your neighbor.
Love your finds!!! I love TJMAXX housewares collection! I buy stuff that I don't need there because it's a great deal and I could use (insert item) if I decide to (insert action) one day. :) Sounds like you had a great weekend!