Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Definition of Prompt

There is a jackhammer underneath my office window.  I suspect that by this point they have jackhammered 1/2 way to the Earth's core.  They have been at it all day.

I cannot concentrate. 

I cannot think clearly.

Therefore, I am reading blogs to catch up.

Don't judge.

The other day mrs.mfc and I went to the parking garage after work.  Do you remember when I told you about our parking garage elevators being broken?  For like 6 months?  I told you about it HERE in a rant.  They kept thanking us for our patience. 

Who said I had any patience?

They also posted a note about, oh, I don't know....3 months ago...saying that the elevator would be repaired promptly.  Clearly that was a joke. 

So, the other afternoon mrs.mfc pointed the following out to me as she saw it taped beside the "promptly" sign from the parking garage staff:

I laughed all the way to my car :)

I wish I could find this person and ask them how to best handle the jackhammer.  I just know he/she would have a grand idea.



Kori said...

Too cute! Hope you have a great Wednesday honey! Kori xoxo

BelleinBows said...

Hilarious! I like this person.

Dee Stephens said...

LOL! That is awesome! I would have laughed my ass off too.
When they were building the big condo complex next to our bldg. several years ago we heard the jackhammer - ding.ding.ding. for months!!!!!!!

Molly said...

that's awesome. and very tactful. i probably wouldn't have been so kind ;)

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Love it! Hopefully the person in charge of this very complicated elevator overhaul project saw the sign.

The Second Half said...

They are doing the same thing outside my office window right now. Don't suppose you are on the corner of California and Montgomery Streets on San Francisco?

Katherine said...

omg such a funny note - thank you for taking a photo of it (my blog features notes that I find as well), I love your writing! Very funny :) Just followed you, great blog!

Tote said...

I just love the new sign!


Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

love when people do stuff like this, so great!

Ashley said...

Ahhahahaha. I would do the same thing! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!! That is the best!!! I'm guessing that nobody who can fix the elevator will see it since it's still broken! They are probably working on the new ramp to the mall? Really? Little unnecessary!

Anyways, so I just caught up (I've been a bad, bad friend) and see TEN is back in the picture!!! And Texas was fun :) and cooking class looked amazing!! I don't even know how to make pasta and I'm practically married to a chef!!!

Once the weather clears and the restaurant opens, I fully expect to see you up here!!!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!!