Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Westie Wednesday

On the way to the Klub this morning Louis and I discussed this week's Westie Wednesday. I told him that I had already shared the picture of him hiding in the blanket during the storm with all of you.  He was horrified!!  I couldn't imagine why.  And then he mumbled, from his booster seat in the back of the car, "I look like I'm wearing a burqa!"

Of course I giggled bunches, because well....he does!

So then I asked if I could share the picture of him "spooning" with his gorilla.  He said no. 



Don't tell him.

(awww...he is literally "spooning" with the gorilla.  his arm is wrapped around it)

So I started thinking of all of the funny pictures I've taken of Louis this week, and of course this one came to mind:

(it's just a head! where is Louis' body?!??!!)

I always crack up when I see him like this.  Not sure how he does it, but he rolls his rear under his body somehow and is in a straight line.  Anyway, he just looks like a head with no body...

And then I thought about this:

TEN and I saw it this weekend.  And we wondered how Louis would do.  And then we looked at each other.  And then we didn't buy it.  Because WHAT IF he didn't do very well?  WHAT IF his score was for a "not smart" dog?  I don't think we could recover from that. 

And so we left it on the shelf. 

And I'm really glad we did.

Because even if my pup isn't the smartest pup in the world, he sure can rock a burqa and look fabulous :)

Westie Licks,

T & Louis


Jess said...

I seriously adore both you and Louis. Thanks for the laugh!!

mrs.mfc said...

Love his gorilla spooning picture :) So cute!! Oddly enough I have a picture of Hef with his arm around his little orange monkey. Hmmmmm.

love jenny xoxo said...

ahhh so cute! what a little snuggler!


Anonymous said...

Ack, he is so stinkin' cute. THAT'S it, I need a Westie of my own pronto.

Elizabeth said...

I love that he's spooning that gorilla with his arm over it, and his floating head bit is hilarious!

Oh, and I know he would have aced the IQ test!

Jenny DB said...

Bahaha that's hilarious. Couldn't handle the disappointment??
I KNOW Homie would NOT pass that dog IQ test. He chases shadows like it's his JOB. Silly sally. He also can pull off the burqa though, so I guess we can give them a pass :-)

Ann said...

Oh that picture of Louis that looks like he has no body is just too funny. I think I would be afraid to buy that seek a treat thing too

Tote said...

I love Louis's pictures. Of course you know I think he is too cute!


Diana Chiew said...

Aww...that picture of Louis spooning with the gorilla is so cute! Hahaha...and that picture of just his head...that's funny!!

I would love that dog IQ puzzle. I am sure all dogs could do it. It's just a matter of time. I thought you would have gotten it for Louis. I am pretty sure Louis is a smart dog.

- Diana

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are adorable!! He is such a cutie!!

Love Cocktails and puppydog tails! said...

tehe tehe! Louis spooning a gorilla HAAAAA!!!!!!! SO CUTE! oh and don't you worry Louis Wellington, we ALL know you are brilliant, you would have done great on that test and if you didn't it would have been because you were too smart to care about such a frivolous toy ;0)

Anonymous said...

He is just too adorable snuggling with the gorilla :) I love his commentary too!

Anonymous said...

He is just too adorable snuggling with the gorilla :) I love his commentary too!