Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Friends & Dogs

Yesterday for happy hour I met up with the The Traveler.  I don't think we've actually had a one-on-one conversation for 2 years now.  She's gone back for her masters, and, well....she travels :)  A LOT. 

She's one of those girls that has this amazing sense of self, and if she decides she wants to do something...she simply does.  She makes it happen.  I admire that greatly.  I want to be more like that.

So anyway, we had a lovely evening swapping stories and catching up.  We left saying we would get together again soon.  Not so much time would pass this time.  And, I hope that is the case :)  Reconnecting with people from the past can be so rewarding.  It reminds us of what our dreams were back then.  I needed that reminder yesterday.  Because many of them have come true.  I had simply forgotten that I once longed for them.  And perhaps now I take them for granted....

I'm taking any free time I have today to catch up on YOUR blogs.  So, rather than take any more time from that I am going to "borrow" something from another blogger. 

Are you familiar with The Longest Tail?  It is written by Peter Chianca.  I just recently became acquainted, and wanted to share one of my favorite posts with you. 

You may be living with dogs if:

- by Peter Chianca

1) You’re walking around with dog food in your coat pocket.
2) You’re walking around with plastic bags in your other coat pocket.
3) Your car smells like it just rolled in something gross.
4) Your car is full of fur.
5) Your kids are full of fur.
6) Your furniture has that chewed-in sort of look.
7) There’s a heavy object on top of the lid to your kitchen trashcan.
8) You own a device designed for propelling tennis balls great distances.
9) You know what a “Snausage” is.
10) You know where the butcher shop keeps the spare bones.
11) You own at least one product that spells bones “bonz.”
12) There are bones (and/or bonz) under the couch.
13) When you go for a walk in the woods, you’re always on the lookout for a really good stick.
14) The cat food’s gone and the cat didn’t eat.
15) You can’t sleep because someone’s licking your feet.
16) You can’t sleep because someone is lying on top of the covers like a sack of sand.
17) A bark is your alarm clock.
18) You keep a towel next to your front door.
19) You’re sitting on the living room floor because there’s no more room on the couch.
20) Your living-room floor is covered with stuffed animals that are missing limbs, eyes and heads.
21) Your living-room floor is covered with pee pads.
22) Your living-room floor is covered with what living-room floors get covered with if you forget to put down the pee pads.
23) The cookies are missing.
24) After the snow melts on your front lawn, you find socks.
25) There are paw prints on your kids’ homework.
26) Kong is no longer just the name of a giant monkey.
27) Someone has to guard the turkey.
28) You’re walking when it’s raining.
29) You’re walking when it’s freezing.
30) You’re walking when it’s boiling.
31) You’re walking, period.
32) You have a bright orange jacket with matching scarves, and you’re not a hunter or Gisele Bundchen.
33) Your every shoe is a chew toy.
34) You’ve ever filled a bathtub with tomato juice.
35) Your best friends love you more than life itself, and smell like they just rolled in something gross.

Happy Thursday!



MCW said...

Yes, I can relate! Even though I do not have a dog, my parents have a Lab and they were watching my brother's Rotty. I left MD yesterday and everything I took had white and black dog hair all over it. Also, my mother has rubber-bands holding the cabinet shut where the trash can is, so annoying to throw anything away!

Tote said...

Oh yes, we all know what he is talking about!

It is nice to catch up with old friends.


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

catching up with old friends is so special! and i think we could all take some lessons from your self-aware friend!

Kori said...

This is too cute! I'm hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays...hope you can join us honey! Have a great Thursday! Kori xoxo

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

catching up with old friends is great.

i would never want to live in a house without a dog :)

Ann said...

always nice to catch up with old friends
#17 my alarm clock isn't always a bark, sometimes it's a wet westie kiss :)

Jenny DB said...

You leave the dogs at home and people comment "You brought the pups with you!" your confused and they point to your fleece...

(Just saying)