Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots and Lots of Knives

Cooking class has been temporarily suspended, but don't think we've quit cooking!  The other evening Marilyn Monroe messaged me to say that she and The Drummer were making stuffed peppers for the first time.  She was very excited to see how it turned out :)

I decided that TEN and I needed to try cooking something else as well.  And here's the catch....I didn't want to have to go to the grocery store!  Enter Gina's Skinny Recipes (yes, I realize that I sound like a deicple of Gina's these days...)

Also, I wanted to use one of these:

Isn't it the neatest?  TEN mounted it for me, but then it didn't stay on the wall when I went to grab a knife.  And, flying knives = no bueno.  TEN fixed the problem with a wee bit of Gorilla Glue.  Never fear, that knife magnet is NEVER going to come off of my wall now!  hahaha....

On to supper....

(this is the photo from Gina's website.  they look quite small and tasty, no?  ours were a little bit bigger :-o)

(three chicken breast halves)

(cutting the chicken breast halves into smaller filets - sideways :)

(pounding out the filets!)

(a little egg wash and some low cal italian bread crumbs)

(mmmm...broccoli...which i got for free...with my extreme couponing at Kroger.  just saying.)

(gina uses low fat swiss slices.  i didn't feel like going to the grocery store, so we used low fat shredded cheddar)

(with a little bit of broccoli on top!)

(louis is hoping something tasty falls to the ground :)

(rolling up the chicken/cheese/broccoli, much like you would with a chicken cordon bleu)

(egg wash and bread crumbs)

(see how much bigger ours are than Gina's?)

(into the oven they go!)

(since nothing fell to the floor, we gave Louis some broccoli in his food bowl :)

(finished product!  i wish i had taken a picture of one when i cut it in half.  so cheesy and yummy!)

And then we watched Extreme Couponing and went to bed.  Very low key night, but that's because we were saving up to celebrate:

Do you have any special traditions or plans for Cinco de Mayo?  There is a certain dress with a HUGE parrot on it that I wear every year.  This year it's a wee bit too cold though, unfortunately :(  I'm trying to figure out what to wear to assure I reach maximum festive fiesta frock status, but don't freeze!

Happy Margarita Day!



Dee Stephens said...

Stuffed peppers is one of our 'go to' recipes.
I haven't done that Gina recipe but looks good!

The Defunct Curator said...

I like to drink at least one corona every year. The tradition started in college when my dad dropped of cases and cases of corona that he got for free for some reason and we would save them for May 5th. I usually never drink corona unless 1) it is all that is available, or 2) I am within ten feet of the ocean. So Cinco de Mayo has the pleasure of being one of only three reasons I would touch the stuff. With lime and salt of course.

Ann said...

oh the chicken looks yummy. not so sure about that summer cocktail in your last post
Never have celebrated cinco de mayo

REBrown said...

I love cheesy broccoli and chicken together.....they look so delicious.

Tote said...

Have a great evening. Your food looks delicious! Bunco looks fun too. I think some people in my community play bunco.


erica said...

Oh my word! How delish does this look! I definitely need to make this ASAP!