Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Perfect Summer Cocktail!

I completely forgot to tell you about Bunco last week, and to share the recipe for The Perfect Summer Cocktail.  My apologies!  Here, let me tell you about it now. 

(i rolled a BUNCO!  what a shame that the other table did too!)

(not the most attractive photo, but i couldn't resist sharing.  perhaps this is why Louis loves TEN more?  TEN doesn't make such horrible faces when Louis licks him :-o )

(all of the "Bunco girls")

(Barbie was determined to win!  she was actually in the lead for quite some time, but then....)

(Lady T won the "biggest loser prize".  isn't that soap precious?!?!)

(M was the "biggest winner", and part of her gift was the flower pen)

(poor Barbie!  at least the cocktails were tasty :)

And now, for The Perfect Summer Cocktail recipe!  I must confess, my friend D introduced me to this cocktail.  I tasted it before I knew what was in it.  And when she finally told me, I was not convinced.  I had to watch her make the concoction before I truly was a believer. 

Get ready, it's terribly complicated to make.

One LARGE pitcher

6 Corona Light beers

1 can of frozen concentrate pink lemonade

Mix all of this together in the LARGE pitcher

Sounds absolutely gross, right?  And no, I didn't mean to say frozen concentrate limeaid.  I meant pink lemonade.  Yes, it sounds a bit odd, but YUMMMYYY!

We worked our way through 3 pitchers at Bunco :)



Deviled Megs said...

Have made this drink concoction before myself...with the addition of Vodka. And we call it Pink Panty Pull Down. Classy, yes? ;)

Dee Stephens said...

Love DM's name for it. I'm not a huge beer person.

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy-- I'll have to add it to my list! My favorite summer cocktail drink is the Wet Bliss. Frozen orange juice blended with Stoli vanilla. It's like a grown-up push pop.

Jenny DB said...

That drink sounds awful, but in honor of Cinco de Drinko i'm going to try it... maybe not a pitcher, maybe just start with one.. but I'm gonna try it :-)

Ashley said...

I think it sounds yummy and I will be making it soon :)

DIMH said...

That sounds similar to something I made last night! It was gin, frozen limeade and prosecco, but I ran out of prosecco so we made it with some rogue cans of bud light in my fridge. Low and actually was pretty good!