Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Westie Wednesday

What a rough week for little Louis Wellington :(  Last Friday, at doggie daycare, someone took a bite out of his tail!  (by someone I mean another pup, of course)  They told me that there hadn't been an altercation that they could see.  Everyone played well, and none of the pups were being "snippy".  However, when they took Louis' play group out to potty time they noticed blood on his tail.

Now that Louis has licked on his boo boo for a few days it's about the size of a quarter.  It's red and irritated. I'm taking him to the vet to see what they can give me that might help it to heal more quickly.  The "cone" is out.  When he has that on he just stands in the middle of the kitchen shaking.  For hours.  I'd rather have them amputate his tail than put him through that again :( I'm hoping there is a bandage of sorts that they can put on his boo boo that he won't remove.  Wish us luck!

I just want my little man feeling like this again:

(picture taken on the way to doggie daycare last week PRIOR to "the attack" as I am now calling it.  like this...."OMG...Louis was ATTACKED at daycare last week!"  you understand)

Keep LW's tail in your thoughts please.

Westie Licks,

T & Louis

**UPDATE -  While googling for an image of "westie with a bite or sore on tail" I came to the realization that Louis' injury is not that terrible.  What I saw after googling, however, was :(  So, don't worry about keeping LW's tail in your thoughts.  Use those thoughts for the poor pups whose tails I just saw.  Ouch!


Jess said...

Awh, poor Louis!! Though, glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious!

Ann said...

oh poor Louis. We'll be sending him extra special good wishes. We hope the tale of his tail has a happy ending :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Louis! Glad he is okay - maybe it just hurt his pride a little??

Twenty Something Blonde said...

awe poor louis. Send him my (and my pups) love! xoxo

The Defunct Curator said...

When our pup was attacked the vet gave her some antibiotics so it wouldn't get infected. They're pretty good at healing themselves, their cuts heal faster than ours and they clean them out/make them heal faster with their tongues!

Tote said...

I can't believe it! Maybe just put some a & d ointment on it and wrap it up with a sock. Good luck at the vet.

Hoke said...

Oh no!!! Good think Hoke wasn't there...he'd protect his fellow Westie!! Ya know they have little balloons that go around the neck so that that they can see what's around them. When you put that cone on them, they can't see which makes them nervous. It's hard for them to sleep with it on but maybe for during the day and then the cone when it's time for bed? That helped Hoke when he was fixed. Get well little buddy!

The Bee Charmer said...

Poor Louis with a bit tail! I hope he feels better soon.