Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down on the Farm

This morning I was wandering through the farm; taking note of all of my lovely vegetables growing.  Granted, my farm looks something like this:

But it is my farm none the less.  And I refer to it as so.

Moving along....

I was speaking to Louis, trying to encourage him to make potty so that I could go to work.  I was about to go back in, and to just leave him out there in the middle of my farm, when something caught my eye!

(A cayenne pepper was ready to be picked!) 

It is amazing how much things change over night on the farm.  You go to bed and the peppers are green.  You wake up and one of them is red.  (what does one do with a cayenne pepper??  i know that you can dry them and then grind them up and use them as a spice.  but...what can one do with a pepper in its pepper form?  ideas?  will it burn my tongue off??)

After discovering the pepper (and picking it) I did a further inspection of the rest of the farm.  Look here at what I saw!

(My snow peas are present and accounted for!  There are quite a few pea pods, and I could just swear they weren't there the other day.)

(cherry tomatoes are growing like crazy!  they are a bit larger than the cherry tomatoes i buy at the grocery store, but i'm thinking they should start turning red any day?)

(i had a full sized cucumber.  i was just giving it a few more days on the vine.  AND THEN!!!!!  a freaking raccoon ate it.  oh yes!  stole my cucmber right off the vine and ate it.  can you believe?!??!!?  snarky little thing.  so, we're back to square one with this one.)

And that, folks, is what has been going on down on the farm.  A lot of growing, apparently.  I told Louis that next year we were going to turn the entire back yard into a farm.  I told him that we would be living off of the land.  Nothing to eat that wasn't from the back yard. 

He did inquire about the possibility of my continuing to purchase his fancy pants chicken treats.  I told him that would not be possible. 

He was not pleased. 



Annie said...

Dang you go girl. You're a gardener!!!!

Ashley said...

at first I thought you meant farmville and I was going to make fun of you.
AND, I cant believe you are growing all that in POTS! We have this huge garden and NOTHING. My mom just dropped off huge zukes and beans from her garden...we got nothing so far. I burnt my mouth off on a pepper Andrew grew last yaer. My advice- DONT EAT it! ha

The Bee Charmer said...

No! Not the treats!!!! Anything but the treats!!!

Tote said...

I miss having a garden. I am so happy for you and your garden. I use to get so excited when I could pick a tomato off the vine, cut lettuce and make a fresh tomato sandwich.
Can't give you advice on your pepper though. I just grew regular green peppers.


Susan said...

those tomatoes are awesome! and that pooch is too cute too!

Claire said...

Yay! What a lovely day on the farm for you! We have a huge farm in VA but it's a tree farm haha nothing fun there! I do wish I could grow tomatoes but mine and Mr. C's apartment is not conducive to that!

Ann said...

Just look at that farm. I'm afraid I'm not seeing much in mine yet. Darn. Guess we should have started sooner.
Duke said to tell Louis that he should request to raise chickens on your farm next year. Then he can have fresh chicken treats.

Glad to hear that the rice bag worked on your blackberry.

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

What a little gardener you are ... I'm impressed! Enjoy the fruits of your labor - have a nice weekend,

Anonymous said...

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