Friday, October 28, 2011


I like this quote.  A lot.  I think that so many of us attempt to judge ourselves by the measurements of others. 

Perhaps that is why we are so often disappointed?

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, and it made me smile.  Sometimes the simplest of statements are the most genius.  Wouldn't you agree?

So here's to being yourself!  To excelling at what you do best.  To kicking up your heels and going for it :) 

If anyone has something snarky to say, it's probably just because they're jealous.

Have a lovely weekend! 



nomo wino daph said...

Ohhhh I have never seen that quote before! I LOVE IT!!

Cute image.... hope your weekend is awesome:)

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

I always compare myself to others...its such problem.

umm can we talk about your pink shoes!?

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Such a cute picture, love your pink shoes! Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Love the quote and it's so true.
So who's the guy trying to carry you off?

Jess said...

Great quote! Sometimes, I think we all need a reminder!

Have a great weekend, T.

REBrown said...

I have this quote pinned!

beachside cottage Linda said...

Great quote - might share it on FB! I'll credit DSS for the inspiration!

Have a happy weekend---

beachside cottage

From DC to Sweet Tea said...

Love those shoes in your pic!

Elizabeth said...

That photo is amazing! I love it!