Thursday, November 19, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

I just realized I didn't share my exciting news about this year's Thanksgiving.  Well, I think it's exciting...some people may not I suppose.

Anyway, TEN and I are having our own Thanksgiving at my house.  Our families live in another city...and although it is drivable, we aren't driving.  We both find holidays at home stressful for various reasons.  Therefore, we have decided to stay in Smalltown, VA and cook our very own Thanksgiving!

I'm a little nervous.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm not a cook...AT ALL.  TEN is a very good cook, and he has agreed to take on turkey duty.  I have signed up to make stuffing and homemade mashed potatoes. That's it.  Stuffing and mashed potatoes.  We will be having turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes at this point.  Hmph. 

I feel like there needs to be a much larger spread.  Don't you think?  Perhaps green beans?  Or, asparagus?  Neither of us are fans of cranberry sauce.  Perhaps corn would be a nice addition? 

We are bringing cookbooks on our 2 hour drive to visit the breeder on Saturday.  I'm hopeful that we will find something delish that we want to add to our menu.  We also have to come up with some exciting treats for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This is the annual Virginia Tech vs. UVA game.  It is truly THE GAME OF THE YEAR.  I am having a little get together at my house to watch the game, and TEN and I are making all of the food.  Once again, TEN and I really means TEN, but I do want to help!  Last night he DVR'd a program about Thanksgiving leftovers.  We are both hopeful that they give us some great ideas on what to do with a TON of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.  An idea that would potentially feed all of our friends on Saturday?  Hmmm....

So, here's to my First Thanksgiving in my little house!  Very exciting....



mrs.mfc said...

Fun fun fun!!!

How about green bean casserole? Or sweet potato casserole? Go here:

What are you having for dessert? (if you don't want to bake, Fresh Market has great pies and such)

Emily Elizabeth said...

That is really exciting news! How much fun! I can't wait for us to host a Thanksgiving one year!

Looking through old cook books is always fun.

Lately I've been heading to the library for cookbooks too! Our Public Library has a huge selection and I just copy what I like and return it! So much money saved :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm sure it will turn out perfect... you, TEN and the little puppy!

MCW said...

Yayee for first Thanksgivings!

Blackeyed Susan said...

Girl! You need some squash casserole, instantly reminds me of Thanksgiving! haha

That is so exciting that yall are having your own Thanksgiving:) I'm dreading the UVa VT game, I'm sure UVa will lose lol doesn't make for a happy BF around these parts!