Monday, November 9, 2009

You Say Potato....I Say Potaaaato....

Ahhhhh...back in the office after a completely relaxing, couch potato kind of weekend.  I think we all need those every now and again.  Don't you?

I will confess, Friday night/Saturday I slept for 12 hours!!  I'm not sure that is healthy, or normal, but it sure felt WONDERFUL!

TEN and I couch surfed Friday night after a heck of a week.  We were both exhausted and just needed to let ourselves recoup.  I fell asleep off and on throughout the evening, and then went down for the count at about 9pm.  I don't think I've been asleep that early since I was a kid!

Saturday I slept until 9 or 9:30 (see, I did really sleep for 12 hours!).  All day Saturday we did NOTHING. 

We did watch The Proposal, because I have been wanting to see it for a long time. 

As a side note, about 15 minutes into the movie the following conversation commenced:

TEN:  Well, we all obviously know the ending of the movie before it has even really begun.
T: What?  I don't know how it is going to end.
TEN: (looks at me as if I just fell off of the turnip truck) Seriously?
T: Yea.  Seriously.
TEN: (just shakes his head)

Mind you, about an hour into the movie the conversation picks back up:

T: Okay, okay, I see now...they are so going to end up together!
TEN: think?

Snarky, snarky!

Anyway, I liked the movie.  It was totally mindless, and it was just what we were looking for on a lazy bones Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night was WIMP's husband's (gosh, that sounds weird...husband) birthday.  We went over for a bit to help celebrate, but oddly enough we were both tired and left early.

Sunday I slept until 11am.

Seeing a general theme here?  Oh yes.  It's okay.  You can say it out loud. 


Yep.  True Fact.

However, I did get myself up out of bed on Sunday (finally) to head to a local winery for a Chianti Comparative Tasting with the girls.  It was YUMMY!

(this is the winery we visited Sunday)

The people that own the winery have a villa in Tuscany as well.  They spend 1/2 of the year there, and 1/2 of the year at the winery above.  What a wonderful life!

When I got back to Smalltown, VA TEN had cooked a tasty stir-fry for dinner.  It was delish! 

Now it's Monday.  Back to the real world.  Blech! 


P.S.  Okay, I still have no Spellcheck.  Does anyone know what is going on?  Are you having this problem?  My Spellcheck button has been gone for a while, but I was able to right click and it was an option.  Now that option is gone????


Jenny DB said...

I watched the proposal on a plane with headphones on and i think i was giddy with exhaustion or something because i was CRACKING UP. had everyone in the row thinking it was the best must-see movie ever. in hindsight, it was good. funny. not great. and yes, predictable:)

that winery looks gorgeous!!!

MCW said...

I have not had one of those weekends in ages and I am very jealous!

I cannot watch any movies with Sandra Bullock. She makes me nuts. Although I really want to see The Blind Side. I am thinking that maybe because her hair is blond I will be able to stomach her - trick my mind into thinking she is someone else?

Download Mozilla Foxfire. Everything you type online it automatically spell checks. It is heaven.

jlmargs said...

B and I ordered The Proposal this weekend too. We both fell asleep before it ended...maybe it was just a lazy weekend...

Blackeyed Susan said...

Glad you had a great weekend, I did absolutely nothing too...It was fabulous!

Kate said...

Weekends were made for laziness!

I think I may buy The Proposal. Such a cute movie

TudorCity Girl said...

I must see The Proposal! Sometimes you just really need a weekend like that. We must be on the same wavelength as I posted a couch potato photo/post too! I fight the urge to become one, but really it is sooo easy. Today I am doing just that and have head injury as an excuse!
I'm glad you guys had a lazy, restful weekend!

Anonymous said...

We all need one of those weekends every once in a while!