Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cocktails and Meatballs

I never did tell you about the Cocktail Swap at Daisy's did I?  Who needs to know new cookie recipes?  Not this girl!  Give me some new cocktail recipes, please :) 

I think I mentioned it before, but Annie from Classic Annie, shared a new cocktail recipe with me for this year's swap.  I re-named the cocktail, bought the ingredients and showed up to the party.  I had NEVER made the recipe before.  Needless to say, I was a wee bit nervous.  Never fear!  It was absolutely DELISH!  HUGE thanks to Annie for the recipe, and for those of you who are NOT Southern Comfort fans...don't worry.  My stomach turns at the thought of Southern Comfort (after drinking so much of it in college), and I didn't even taste it!  Check out the recipe HERE.

Annie is right though, you probably should take the keys at the door when serving it :)

(oatmeal cookie shooter)

(southern belle)

(bee's knees)

(recipe cards)

(the girls)

I also have been remiss in telling you about our cooking class where we made huge cheesy meatballs.  I feel like I keep saying this, but THIS recipe may be my favorite :)

(Louis is ready for class to begin!)

(a little wine to get things started)

(Daisy was having a bad day.  she warned us that we should bring our 'protective gear'.  they opted for bike helmets.  i stuck to my chef's hat that Katie gave me :)

(i want one of these mandolin things!!)

(so much meat!!  2lbs of ground beef, 1lb of spicey sausage and 1lb of mild sausage)

(in go the spices and cheeses and such)

(mix it all up by hand...)

(make into LARGE meat balls)

(cook for a bit in the oven)

(cover with a cheese mixture)

(stick them back in the oven)

(reading our new cookbooks that Katie sent us!  thank so much Katie.  we can't decide what to cook next!)

(Marilyn Monroe LOVES Louis Wellington)

(mmmmmm......so tasty!)

(after supper i felt like St. Francis when all of the dogs gathered around me!  i think they really just wanted my left overs :-o )



Dee Stephens said...

Those meatballs look delish but fattening! :(
You girls get together and do so much fun stuff! Love those beagles too and L!

MCW said...

How smashed were you after the cocktail thing? Did you have to drink every one?

REBrown said...

Those meatballs look like heaven (the drinks too)!

Annie said...

oh gosh those drinks look ah-mazing. i may need the shooter recipe and the southern belle looks yum too. glad you loved the cockail!

soooo Kevin sliced the tip of his finger off with a mandoline. they aren't at the top of my list after that. now was he using the safety thing? no but that's because it wouldnt work otherwise. eeks. $1,000 in hospital bills later and i returned the mandoline!

Tote said...

The meatballs look awesome as well as the cocktails! Everything you ladies make looks delicious!

how i met your father blog said...

oh yum... i'm always loving your recipes!

how do you find the time to coordinate everyone's schedule to accomodate a cooking night??? i would love to do this with my girlfriends, but we are all so busy that it never seems to work out.