Monday, February 14, 2011

Pretty Girls!

(taken from The Bee Charmer's blog)

Today I'm happy for so many reasons....

1. This weekend is over.
2.  Everyone in my life is healthy and happy.
3.  I am cooking dinner tonight with my Valentine :)

Friday evening Marilyn Monroe and I got together at my house to make the food for the shower.  Chicken salad croissants, laying on a bed of romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes and fresh chives as a garnish.  Cucumber sandwiches with fresh dill as a garnish.  AND...Marilyn's famous Fancy Ham Biscuits. 

After we finished with the food, we went to a local watering hole for a quick dinner and a cocktail.  It's usually pretty quiet at said locale.  NOT FRIDAY NIGHT!  It was packed.  There was a band.  I was completely out of my element.  Skinny jeans, brown leather boots and a cream cowl neck sweater had me looking like I was going to the prom.  'Nough said.

Saturday I was up early putting the chicken salad on the croissants, and the cucumbers on the bread....

All in all, the shower went well. I will say that my best advice is to NEVER attempt to host a shower that is not at your own home.  It was nerve wracking.  I spent a ton of money, but wasn't really "in charge" of the event.  I was a spectator, waiting to be told what to do.  There was far too much money invested by all parties, in my opinion...and there were duplications, even though I communicated everything I was doing. 

In the end, The Real Housewife of Delaware enjoyed herself immensely.  And THAT is what matters :) 

But...lesson learned.  If it aint at my house...I aint doin it!

(pictures to come....haven't uploaded them yet!)

After the shower was over, Marilyn Monroe and I drove an hour back to Smalltown, VA to get ready for the Valentine's Cocktail that evening.  Every year our wine group has a cocktail party to celebrate Valentine's Day.

(here is my dress for the cocktail)


(BFF & Marilyn Monroe.  check out Marilyn's hat!  love :)

I was so exhausted that I didn't last past 11:30 at the cocktail!  Unheard of for this girl.  The party was much fun, but I found myself yawning, so I headed home to bed.

Sunday I took the day for myself.  I turned the volume off on my phone and read a book.  I have been DYING to have a day like that for oh so long!  And, it was very much deserved...if I do say so myself :)

Tonight TEN and I are cooking dinner together for Valentine's Day.  Well, he will mostly be cooking, but I'll be drinking wine and pretending to help :-o  Very low key evening, which sounds absolutely perfect to me. 

("borrowed" from someone, but I can't recall who!)

I've got a packed week ahead of me again, but I'm already looking forward to the three day weekend ahead!!!  AND, this Sunday is TEN's birthday.  Hmmm...whatever shall I do about that?

Perhaps he would like a jar of this?



Dee Stephens said...

I agree about doing it in your own home. My friend down in Louisiana ran into this recently when hosting a bridal shower for a friend. If had not been for her things would not have gone for very well. Love the red dress! Brad is cooking me dinner tonight but I'll be setting the table to help :) AND drinking wine!! woot!

mrs.mfc said...

So this Baconnaise... I see the label says "regular". Perhaps that means there is a "light" Baconnaise? I'm guessing there isn't. Just looking at that stuff makes me nauseas. I bet Beckie would like it. HA!

MCW said...

That piece thing is confusing. Are you supposed to be someone else's missing piece? or your own piece? am I just really slow?

Have a great love day!

the Hard Way said...

girl, is something on fire in that kitchen cause i hear something sizzlin!

oh wait, it's you! hot dress, lady ;)

too bad the shower wasn't all you hoped for, but sounds like you had a great weekend anyway and fun plans for tonight! i will be cooking @ home, too. but i'll actually be cooking while jro drinks and pretends :p

Ashley said...

That dress is HOT!!
Very nice.
Ugh- hosting on someone else's turf=not fun.
HAVE fun at dinner tonight :))

Kassie said...

Enjoy that Valentine of yours. ;)

And Baconaise? I can't think of anything grosser. Ha!

love jenny xoxo said...

I think I'm in love with your red dress!! Seriously, sooo cute!! You look fabulous in it too!

Happy Valentine's!!


how i met your father blog said...

enjoy your time with TEN! also, LOVE your vday dress!!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

Love the red dress! Happy Vday!

The Bee Charmer said...

First - that is an excellent rule about the house and the control thing. I have learned that lesson too. The hard way, too.

Second, I WANT SOME BACONNAISE!!!! My dream has come true!

Jenny DB said...

I think we've discussed this before but our boys have the same birthdays? Ridiculous!!!

Your dress is, or rather you in your dress are.. SMOKING HOT! :-)

Ann said...

enjoy your Valentines Day.
Nice red dress

REBrown said...

I love the dress and the quote!

Tote said...

Showers always end up costing more money. I am glad things do go well though. I am sure the food was delis!
Love your dress, you look awesome! I just wish we could see the face! You are so pretty, why don't you just show the whole picture.
Enjoy your evening!!

The Defunct Curator said...

Fantastic to be able to chill and read a book. Congrats on the shower, and the fact that it's over!

TudorCity Girl said...

Love the red dress! You look great. A nice, quiet Valentine dinner with TEN = perfect. Enjoy and happy Valentine's day my old blog friend! :)

Deviled Megs said...

That is one fierce red dress!

Annie said...

Your dress is presch!!!

Hope yall had a nice Vday last night.

It feels so good to be back in the blogging world after a 5 day absensce! :)

Beth Dunn said...

That top quote is hyster! Love it