Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Do you live it up for St. Paddy's Day?  Or, do you spell it St. Patty's Day?

Here in Smalltown, VA we take St. Patrick's Day quite seriously.  There isn't a huge population of Irish people living here.  So, I'm not quite sure why we celebrate as if our lives depend on it.

I told you that last weekend I went to a St. Patrick's Day Party at my club.  Bagpipes and all! 

This weekend is Smalltown, VA's big St. Patrick's Day Parade & All Day Drinking Extravaganza.  Okay, it isn't really called that.  But it should be!  People line up at 11am to see the parade, and the same people are still lining the streets at 11pm.  It's one of those days where you call for a cab to take you downtown.  Because you know there is no hope of you being able to drive home.  And this year....this year my friend Ricky Bobby is going to be wearing a kilt.  I'm ecstatic!

I've done a bit of shopping for this year's attire, and I can't wait to share it with you.  Once again I didn't bother to photograph anything  at the house, so I'll do the best I can with photos from the internet.

I have TWO shirt choices:

(my version of this shirt is actually much cuter.  this was just the closest i could find.  which shirt do you prefer?)

A presh headband:

(do you see those socks in the $1 bin at Target?  i have those :)  do you see on the top left?  the beer mug hats?  i bought one of those for TEN.  and one for me.  to use a purse.  i've just got to sew some ribbon on it!)

(this is an idea of what the hat will look like, but different)

I have bunches of necklaces:

A sassy garter:

And a shamrock ring, of course:

What am I missing?  Anything? 

How will YOU be celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year??




MCW said...

Have fun! They have a St. Patty's Parade in Hoboken and it is always INSANE. People start lining up at bars at like 8 am. I actually don't think I ever say the parade. They actually just said next year it will be held on a Wednesday because of the debauchery that took place.

Annie said...

Looks like you'll be in style! We have the big ole bar crawl in downtown Charlotte tomorrow. Will be a ruckus for sure. Have a good time and take lots of pics!

PS - you've had a big week!

Deviled Megs said...

AHHH - I need one of those rings! I picked up some super fun shamrock straws from Old Navy.

Tote said...

You are set to party! You and Ten have an awesome time!


Unknown said...

Looks like BIG fun!! I like Lucky and Charming. :)

The Defunct Curator said...

Cute headbands! I suppose being in the middle of nowhere means no celebration for us this year. My husband actually is a bagpiper and has worn a kilt his whole life (since in diapers!) I must remember to post a picture at some point.

Ashley said...

I love St. Patricks day! And, it is one of my best friend's bday! And, it will be my kid's bday if she doesnt come on her own before then! The past 3 years, we have gone skiing for the day and drank green beer. Before, that I was in Boston and had green beer at the Irish bars. This year- well, I have a feeling I wont be doing much, so I will live through you :)

love jenny xoxo said...

I love St patties!! I should start planning my outfit asap!! Thanks for the reminder :) I think I like the first shirt better. And I love the $1 bins at Target!


Anonymous said...

So fun and festive!! I need to run to Target to get some goodies for Thursday too. I love St. Patty's Day!

how i met your father blog said...

omg i wish i had seen these before i went away for my st. pat's weekend.
where i partied too hard. and reallllly regretted it the next day :)

Anonymous said...

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