Monday, March 14, 2011

Try Harder...

This weekend was absolutely beautiful in Smalltown, VA.  This was the view from my sunroof on Saturday morning.  I was parked, waiting for someone to run errands, and I reclined my seat.  I closed my eyes, and felt the heat of the sun on my face.  Is there anything better?  I wonder sometimes :)

What a fantastic weekend I had!  Lighthearted.  Fun.  Full of friends.  The "olly's" were in town this weekend.  It was as if they never left :) 

I am beyond fortunate to be surrounded by people who love me every day. 

I saw something on Facebook earlier today.  Something that made me sad.  Something that reminded me of how fortunate I am. 

Sometimes that reminded me of my goal to brighten someone's day...every day....if possible.  I have failed miserably at achieving that goal.  I'm going to try harder....

The Girl you just called fat?  She has been starving herself & has lost over 30lbs.

The Boy you just called stupid?  He has a learning disability & studies over 4hrs a night.

The Girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The Boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home.

There's a lot more to people than you think....



Ann said...

There's nothing like a little dose of sunshine to lift your spirits.
That last part of your post really makes you think. You just never know what someone else is going through in their life.

Unknown said...

One of my favorite posts--I certainly got my does of sun this weekend, too. I also try to see everyone (good mood, bad mood, rude,whatever) and put it in the perspective that you never know where someone comes from or what they may have going on in their life.

Deviled Megs said...

Great's always important to maintain some sense of perspective and try to make other people's lives easier and not needlessly harder.

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

cant wait for the warmer weather thats arriving at the end of this week!

those phrases have a lot of power behind them...people read up!

Tote said...

Great post! When someone is in a bad mood I try and pay them a compliment. That usually works and they smile. Some people just don't think before they speak.


Anonymous said...

I love your posts... they always draw me in and make me want to be where the sun is shining, friends are laughing and adventures abounding.

My mantra is 24 hours. I can do anything for 24 hours. Eat healthy. Schedule one workout. Do one reflection time. Pay a compliment to someone. Every morning I'm renewing my vow to do those things. I read that 24 hour vow from another blogger but it just spoke volumes for me.