Thursday, March 3, 2011

Westie Wednesday - On Thursday

Louis has had an exciting week!  Over the weekend we went to the dog park.  BFF brought her 125lb Labradoodle, Buddy.  Long time followers may remember that Buddy was Louis' first play date.  BAD IDEA.  Louis weighed about 10lbs, and Buddy scared the living daylights out of him.  You can see the video HERE.  That being said, Buddy is a sweetheart.  Little dog in a big dog body.  Now that Louis is used to larger dogs, they became fast friends.

We came home and Louis took a nap.  For about 2 days. 

Louis also received a package in the mail last week!  It came from our dear friend Katie, and her westies Julep & Derby.  Katie makes bandannas for Bandannas for Rescued Paws{copyright 2010}.  Basically, she came up with the idea to make these presh bandannas for westie rescue organizations so that they can send westies to their Forever Homes looking stylish :)  Isn't that lovely!  You have to visit Katie's blog HERE to see how many bandannas she's just recently completed.  Wowsers!

As busy as Katie is, she took the time to make some bandannas for Louis.  OMG...get ready.  I squealed when I opened Louis' package.  He wasn't sure how to feel about all of the fuss, but once I put one of the bandannas on him he was quite pleased :) 

(the bandannas are two sided...this is the back side of one of them)

(the back side of another)

Even though it is still "winter", I took Louis over to Daisy's to show off one of his seersucker bandannas.  It fliped around to the front, and when we ran into Louis' Gay Uncle Carl (this is what Carl calls himself :) he announced "well look there!  Louis is wearing an ascot!"  That was all it took.  When anyone makes a fuss over Louis he lifts his head higher, and prances in circles.  And there he went.  It was absolutely adorable.

(check out the "L" for Louis!)

(do you see the westie on the westie?)

Thank you so much Katie for selecting just the right prints for Louis Wellington.  He is now set for the summer! 

(Louis says hi!  i was trying to tell him something here.  i love how he watches me so intently when I'm talking)

(this is one of my 4 favorite pictures of Louis.  not because it's a stellar picture, but because it captures his "contemplative look".  see how his mouth is sideways?  he does this a lot IRL, but capturing it on film doesn't happen often.  i think it's one of the things that makes him so cute!)


I would like to introduce you to Laurie from Lulu & Daisy!!  Laurie has a westie pup called Daisy, and she is simply fabulous :)  We have talked about linking up to do a group Westie Wednesday, and she posted one this week.  I, however, dropped the ball :(  So, please forgive me...and go and visit Daisy HERE!!  I think Louis and Daisy would be and excellent couple, don't you?

Westie Licks,

T & Louis


Jules said...

Louis is so cute and looks adorable in the "L" seersucker bandana. I think it's really nice that your friend makes them for rescue dogs.

Tote said...

What cute bandanas! They look so cute on Louis. It was so nice of your friend to make them for him.


Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I just can't get enough of that precious little furry face! People who say dogs don't have personalities are idiots and have obviously never owned a dog themselves. The many expressions of Louis kill me. I do sincerely wish we lived closer. The Munchkins and Louis could be great friends!

Ashley said...

those bandannas are so cute!! Piri ALWAYS wears a bandanna! I buy some, but I have been making more lately. The lines are not straight at ALL, but I am hoping to get better some day :) We made some for all her puppy friends for Christmas presents this year too.

Ashley said...
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Unknown said...

Miss Beanie (Daisy's nickname--yes, my dog has a nickname--everyone I meet gets a nickname, it's how I roll), NEEDS one of those cutie bandanas! Thanks for the link, friend! Can't wait till next week! We've been gardening!

Ann said...

Louis is totally styling in his new bandannas. I bet he's the best dressed dog in town

pittsburghprepster said...

This is such a sweet post! I melted when I read it, that is so sweet Louis got a package! What a lovely lady to do everything she does, and lucky Louis wearing a seersucker bandanna! Just perfect! I will definitely do Westie Wednesday next week with ya'll!