Friday, April 8, 2011

Catching Up

Wow.  I feel so behind, I'm not sure how to catch up!  The last week has been a blur.

Last Saturday I hosted an It Works! party.  Are you familiar? 

I had heard about it, but was a bit skeptical of it all.  But you know me, any excuse to host a party :)  10 of my girls came over, and we all got ourselves wrapped.  AND...we all lost inches!  AND...the inches have stayed off.  So there you have it.  It, apparently, does work.  We've all ordered more wraps and other products to keep it up.  I'll keep you posted :)


Sunday I left for Austin, TX for work.  I meant to tell you that Monday, but as you saw....Blogger and I had a bit of a misunderstanding.  I am a fan of Austin.  It wasn't as pretty as San Antonio (the only other TX city I have been to), but it does have it's charm.  A friend from work and I did a mini bar crawl up and down Sixth Street, and then we went to the bat bridge.  Yes.  Bat bridge. 

You could hear them squealing.  It was kindove gross.  And kindove neat.  All at the same time.  We also played beer pong in a bar.  They don't have that in Virginia I don't think.  It was an experience :)  Here I am #winning:

We also played tourist in the Driskill Hotel.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Apparently it's haunted as well.  Spooky, spooky!  I wish we had stayed here.  Although I imagine it was a bit out of the company budget :(

(here I am playing tourist with my cowboy boots & camera)

I lost my blackberry during our bar crawl, and I had to go back to find it in my yoga pants.  Talk about embarrassing.  My friend took this picture at some point:

I feel that it sums up the evening.  A blurry mess.  But fun :)


I flew back to Smalltown, VA on Wednesday evening and went directly to cooking class at Daisy's!  Homemade spinach pasta and homemade sauce.  Mmmmmmmmm.....

**AND..I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!**  Marilyn Monroe said to me "T, why is there fuzz on my face?  And Daisy's?  on your blog?"  Of course that led to me asking if they wanted to be "fully exposed".  They proclaimed that they were absolutely fine with that. are the girls...sans blurry face:

(I did not have my proper cooking apron due to my late arrival from the airport)

(boil/wilt the spinach)

(blend the wilted spinach)

(mix with whole wheat flour)

(roll into a ball and let it sit for 20 minutes)

While the pasta was resting, Marilyn Monroe took a little stroll around Daisy's back yard:

(Daisy has planted some lettuce!)

(her fish pond has been de-winterized)

(the koi are very active)

(Louis hears us come back in and he is ready to taste some pasta!)

(flatten a portion of the dough)

(run it through the pasta machine)


(and again....)

(it's my turn!)

(and we have linguini!)

(and more linguini)

(the noodles needed to dry a bit before cooking....)

(the pups were acutely aware of the presence of food)

(they were never far while the pasta was drying)

(the heavenly scent of this homemade sauce was all around....)

And then finally......


(Louis is not one to beg for food. this cooking class was an exception)


Yesterday after work my friend S came over for a glass of wine on the porch.  I confessed that I still hadn't cleaned up the house after the It Works! party, and do you know what she said?  I loved it:

  To me, a mess means you are too busy living to worry about cleaning.

Isn't that the truth?  Because I have definitely been too busy living.  And it has been lovely :)  Last night TEN took me to dinner.  It was fun, and exciting too.  We haven't seen much of each other with all of this busyness in my life, and it kindove felt like a first date.  But more comfortable.  And I liked that :)

Sunday we are going to a winery that is about 20 minutes away.  It's one that neither of us have been to before, and it is supposed to be an absolutely glorious day!  Bring on the sunshine and sundresses :)

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be rainy, so I think I will work on straightening the house and unpacking from Austin.  I've not done that yet either.  Uggghhh...


And Louis.  Poor, sweet Louis.  He had a great time playing with the pups at Daisy's house while I was away, but it did not escape him that there was no Westie Wednesday this week.  He wanted to know what I told you about him.  I said that I had told you nothing.  Louis was not pleased.

And so, I will share a few photos from Louis' week while I was in Austin, with Daisy's words attached.  Thank you Daisy for keeping me updated on my little man's goings on :) 

(the "man" always lending a helping hand....)

(but i want a chicken treat is my birthday!)

**SIDENOTE - Daisy's pups love Louis' chicken treats.  He gets one when it is "crate time".  So, they have taken to getting into his crate as hopes of also receiving a treat.  How cute is that?!?!  Also, can we please discuss that Louis looks like a maniac in the above photo?

(i'm not sure what you want...but i want to stay outside)

And that is what Louis has been up to while I've been gallivanting around Texas.

So glad we've had the chance to catch up.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I'm looking forward to getting myself back on track, and catching up with all of you!



MCW said...

I like that the girls are ok with being exposed :) A had a few friends say the same thing to me when I covered their faces!

This Bat Bridge sounds bizarre.

Dee Stephens said...

OMG those beagles are too freaking cute!
Yay on the pasta! I'm impressed. I tried getting a job in Austin right out of college. A lot of people that went to LSU flocked there in the late 90's due to jobs.

Annie said...

Glad you had a fun time in Austin! Wow that pasta looks delish from cooking night! And super cute about you and TEN having a "first date" again. I guess that's what dating is all about! :)

Elizabeth said...

So many things to comment!
1) Hey, shirtdress buddy! I'm totally in love with Old Navy's shirtdresses at the moment
2) I laughed out loud at both Louis' eyes in the crate and Daisy's pups hanging on with him, hoping for some yummies!
3) That pasta looks AMAZING. Yum yum yum!
4) I love that you're playing beer pong. People I know have dedicated (and decorated!) beer pong tables, to be broken out and set up in a driveway or garage for parties.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! ItWorks is my uncle's company!!!!! How awesome! I'm so glad you liked it! :) I was so excited to comment and tell you that, that I didn't' even read the rest of your post...gotta go back & read now! ;)

Ann said...

Oh so that's why my house is such a mess? I've been out enjoying life? Other than work I don't go anywhere but I like that so I'm using it
Tell Louis that Duke did a Westie Wednesday for him :)

Tote said...

So glad you had a wonderful time in Austin. Glad you were able to get a little play time in.
The pasta looks way too good! You girls really impress me with your cooking class. It all looks so yummy.
Have a great weekend, try and relax.


Anonymous said...

I adore you and am so glad you are home! I'm desperately trying to justify buying that pasta maker. I think you just gave me enough reason!

You impress me with every post. You are just the awesome.

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

ive never heard of this "it works"....what is it?!?

austin sounded like fun :)

Love Cocktails and puppydog tails! said...

wow! I agree with everyone above SOOO much to comment on!

1) the pasta looks like it is TO DIE FOR! I want to run out and get a pasta maker PRONTO!

2) Duncan has been on my blog but we failed at westie wednesday last week :( he was not pleased with this at all! we will try to do better!

3) I loved loved loved your friends quote about a messy house! that just gave me the warm and fuzzies!

4) Louis looked like he had a grand time at Daisy's...... he is such a charmer I am sure he was a complete angel (who wouldn't melt and give extra chicken treats to such a handsome pup!) I love the idea that His little beagle friend wanted to be in on the action so badly that he hopped right in the crate tehehe!

the Hard Way said...

so glad you are home! i wanted to tell you - this weekend, Dating is my Hobby came to the Big City for a visit. we were right by my building when lo & behold! there was an adorable westie frolicking down the sidewalk! the two of us just about jinxed each other saying, "that looks just like louis!!" and then we saw him again the next day - i think he lives in my building :-D
so glad your pretty ladies have asked to be defuzzed, i really love the pics of all of you having such fun!!
welcome home, have a good week!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

wow, you have been a busy bee! i'm so impressed by your beer pong skills, too!