Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Put My Hands Up! They're Playin My Song!

Last night there was quite the storm in Smalltown, VA!  The good news is, we were all hunkered down for Taco Tuesday :)  No storm was going to deter us.  WIMP, Marilyn Monroe, MK, TEN, The Voice of Reason and Mr. Swiss & I gathered around the table to enjoy the awesome goodness of $.99 tacos.

AND...I enjoyed my first PBR. 

Okay, "enjoyed" may be a stretch.  Let's stick with "drank".  I drank my frist PBR.  And it really wasn't that bad!  For $5 a pitcher it was really rather okay :) 

At work this morning I was busy working away.  Scheduling meetings in Outlook (which I totally suck at for some reason...oh yea...happy Administrative Professionals Day to everyone who is one...sure wish I had one), and screwing them up 5 times each so that everyone thinks I'm completely incompetent b/c I don't ever schedule meetings.  Anyway, I'm irritable and frustrated and then...


A lovely e-mail from Joss & Main arrives telling me there is a little something special on sale that would look absolutely LOVELY in my kitchen, and would be a great replacement for the plain white platter I bought at Walmart when I was in college and hosted Easter supper and needed a platter for it.  And so I bought it.  And I felt immensely better immediately :) 

Here she is:

Isn't she gorgeous?  And she's HUGE!  Like 15"x21".  Like there is no turkey too big to fit on this lovely.  No combination of veggies too big to be piled onto this mama.  She is lovely and she is mine!  Well, she will be.  Soon. 

Along with a new Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt.

Did you like how I just slid that in there?   Yea.  Thought so.  MCW & Dee are a little envious right now, and I can't blame them.  I'm wondering if perhaps we could have The Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt and I could share it with them?  Hmmm....

Anyway, one of my faves Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover had this giveaway for a S&B needlepoint belt.  And I'm all "T, are NEVER going to win.  But go ahead and enter.  Don't be sad when you don't win.  It's okay.  When you pay off your credit card you can buy yourself one.  All's well."  Trish has fabulous giveaways frequently, and this was no exception!  So, I just signed up and went along my merry way. 

And then

I won. 

Hot diggity dog!  This presh piece of fancy will be mine very, very soon:

And THAT was my Wednesday. 

I hope yours held just as many surprises, and hopefully not as many fumbles.  It's Bunco night with the girls, and I'm hosting.  I've got a tasty little concoction I will be sharing that a friend introduced me to.  It's the PERFECT summer cocktail, and I'll share it with you tomorrow :)

Oh, and speaking of cocktails...Annie...the cocktail you shared with me around New Year's Eve has become a Samlltown, VA staple.  A friend of a friend showed up with it at our Easter Brunch :) 

Happy Wednesday,



Annie said...

1. Hilarious about the PBR.

2. I'm sooooo DANG jealous of you winning Trishy's giveaway!!!

3. Glad yall like the punch! I'm excited to hear what your summer cocktail is! I need one, like now, but I'm still at work so probably not the best idea!

pittsburghprepster said...

PBR is one of my favorites! Incredibly envious of your giveaway win! You picked the exact one I did!

MLD said...

I tip my hat to you T because I cannot stomach PBR. I drank one can a couple $th's of July ago and it was just not happening for me.

MLD said...


Jess said...

Sisterhood of the Travelling Belt. You make me laugh!!!

MCW said...

I am a fan of cheap beer. Coors Light is my beer of choice. It may even be a step up from PBR...maybe?

Ashley said...

haha, the sisterhood of the traveling belt! PBR-ha. It was the first beer I ever got drunk from...I think. AND, you know how we used to call Anika Guzzi pre birth? When that name first came about, my best friend sent me a picture of a dancing bear with a top hat holding a PBR (She made it in Paint) and said that is what the name Guzzi made her think of! ha

REBrown said...

I've always heard you should try PBR with salt. I've never had it that way, but it might make it taste a little better!

Unknown said...

Girl you are officially southern now that you've had a PBR. My hubs used to drink them all the time and we kind of made them a little mainstream around here. Too funny! Fabulous post!

Caroline said...

The Red Sox farm team in my college town have (or used to have) dollar beer nights on Thursdays in which they served PBR. One young man of my acquaintance was so disgusted with me for drinking it he knocked my (admittedly, tiny) beers out of my hands.

I star almost every cocktail recipe that comes my way through blogs on my reader, so I am super pumped to see you summer cocktail recipe!!!

The Defunct Curator said...

I don't think I've ever had the honor of drinking a PBR.

Deviled Megs said...

MCW, Coors Light is DEF classing it up over PBR. I think my lowest points were in College...Milwaulkee's Best and, I swear, there was some Maryland's Best beer with a crab on the can.