Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Weekend Was....


I took Wednesday off last week to pack for the lake, and to get some errands and such taken care of.  We left for the lake Thursday morning, bright and early. 

I have to admit I was a bit anxious.  This was no ordinary lake weekend.  This was a FAMILY weekend with TEN's family.  I've met them all before, of course, but I'd not gone on vacation with them before.  And I fretted and fretted until TEN was sure I was nothing short of a weirdo.

And he was right.  Because they were all lovely :)

We were the last to arrive, as his dad and his wife had gone up earlier on Wednesday.  Next, his brother + his wife + their 2 kids arrived late Wednesday night.  Thursday morning TEN's sister and her boyfriend arrived.  And last, but not least, TEN and I arrived.  Quite a full house!

Some highlights from the weekend:

I felt very short all weekend.  I'm 5'9".  TEN's brother is 6'7".  His father is 6'4".  TEN is the shortest at 6'2".  His sister is 5'10".  Wow.

Louis would have looked awesome in his white life jacket with navy anchors all over it.  I'm still sorry that he didn't get to come :(

Our bedroom was fancier than mine at home.  It made me consider re-decorating.  I couldn't get the whole room/bathroom in the picture.  But it was something!

Glow sticks can still be fun.  Even when you are a grown-up.

The game room made us all feel like we were on a boat with portholes along the wall.

I wasn't aware kayaks could go fast enough to pull a tube.  Guess it depends on who's paddling?

This picture makes me think of a Bud Light commercial.  Bud Light in the foreground.  Crazy tuber in the background :)

A day on the pontoon had us all feeling like we were still on the water for days.

TEN wants to be a cowboy.

I was standing right here, washing a bowl, when.....I dropped it.  And a shard from the bowl went into my arm.  I probably should have had stitches, but steri-strips were all we had access to.  I'm healing.  Slowly.  And as TEN said, it really wouldn't have been a proper vacation if I hadn't been injured.

Having a rainy afternoon at the lake isn't always a bad thing.  It gives everyone a chance to cool off and to spend a little bit of quality time together.  It also allows enough time to watch the movie Dreamer, which I hadn't seen.  I cried.  Even though I completely knew what was going to happen :-/ 

TEN's dad made us all shirts to remember the vacation by.  We also all wore them on the last night for supper.  It was cute :)

On the way home from the lake we stopped at the place where we bought the 100% Angus burgers from a local farm.  The burgers that I declared were the best I had ever had.  Do you remember?  Well, we bought 2 packs.  10 burgers.  I put them in the deep freeze for safe keeping.  But I've got to be honest.  I haven't stopped thinking about them.  I think I'm going to have to have a burger for supper this weekend. 

Perhaps I'll even put a slice of tomato on them?  A tomato from my garden :)  I picked the first two last night!!



MCW said...

That is so cute that his dad made t-shirts. Glad you had fun!

Dee Stephens said...

Was that a rental house or theirs? Super Sweet! You know we love the lake and our Bud Limes :)
Bummer about your arm! Glad it's healing!

Ashley said...

Wait, WHAT??? You already have Tomatoes from the garden? We planted too late this year!
the lake house looks fun! Hope you get many more trips there. Love the shirts. too cute

GiniB said...

Soooo... does 10 even own a shirt? :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't believe you were short, I'm 5'8", that would have felt so weird!!

Ann said...

your weekend looks like it was fabulous well except for maybe the cut.
that dog you showed in your adopt a pet post is adorable.

REBrown said...

Your weekend looks super fun! I hope the cut heals well. I totally feel you on the feeling short thing. KB is almost a foot taller than me.

Caroline said...

TEN's family looks like a lot of fun! I love the towel in the picture of cowboy TEN.

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

so jealous! this looks amazing

Annie said...

Sounds like a great vacay! Love the bud light picture.

And PS - teach me some gardening skills! Those tomatoes look awesome!

Unknown said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend! I LOVE the shirts to commemorate the weekend, now thats a fab idea ;-)

Ally said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I LOVE a long weekend.