Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Louis tried to befriend a possum last night.  But, we'll get to that later.

Let's talk about Louis' hair appointment on Friday.  The last time he went he was shaved on the back, almost down to the skin, but they left a very long "skirt" (aka furnishings) below.  I was horrified.  It looked like he had a "dog mullet".  Honestly.  It was horrible.

I took Louis in Friday morning and said the following:

"Hello!  Good morning {big smile}.  Please only use scissors on Louis today, and please don't take anything at all off of his back.  We are working on growing that out a bit {big smile}.  Also, if you could trim his furnishings, legs and head up a bit, as they are all a bit out of control.  Louis loves to go on hikes and to play in the yard, and he's just bringing the outdoors in with him these days {big smile}."

And then I left. 

And I was hopeful.

And I shouldn't have been.

Louis no longer has any furnishings.  There is no modesty for my pup at this point.  His willy is visible to all, and he looks like a small pup again.  Much like he did when we brought him home.  Cute as a button, but just not quite right. 

Did I smile too much?

(they trimmed his tail and got rid of the "poof", thank goodness!)

(yes, mrs.mfc, the christmas door mat is still out again this summer...)

(i think Louis just realized that he was exposing himself, and he is embarrassed)

Last night I told Louis that we needed to take some pictures for the blog, to show everyone his new 'do.  He was busy attacking his toy basket at first, and couldn't be bothered.  Or, perhaps he just wanted action shots?

(the aftermath)

Eventually I told him that I would just skip Westie Wednesday this week.  I would talk about myself or something. 

Then he was all about the pictures, of course.

It wasn't long after this that Louis wanted to go outside to make potty.  So, out the side door he went.  I walked out to make sure it wasn't raining.  It wasn't. 

I heard a scuffle, and for a minute I thought that Louis and Sophie (Louis' BFF pup from next door) were playing.  But I realized Louis was outside of the gate.  And I noticed that whatever Louis was trying to play with was NOT very large. was hissing!  EGADS!  A possum! 

Oh yes.  A baby possum. 

But don't be fooled!  Although you may think it was just a baby, and probably looked a little something like this:

You would be wrong.  Because that baby possum was pissed.  It had no interest in being Louis' friend, and looked more like this:

Louis did not want to give up on their friendship.  He was determined.  So, I did what any mama bear does...I grabbed that puppy by the tail and ran back to the side door with him dangling in the air.  Apparently I was screaming bloody murder, because the neighbors all came out to see what the commotion was.  How embarrassing.

And then there was a bat in my chimney.  But that's another story.

Westie Licks,

T & Louis


Anonymous said...

Hello Again!

Am a follower - and LOVE your Westie! Please always keep your Westie Wednesday post! Westies are so cute and yours is precious!

Love his big black nose poking at the camera lens!

Good luck with those possum - they're scary when theyhiss!

Happy Blogging (give a pat to Louis please!)


Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

at least the possum wasnt a skunk! Happened to my dog and it was literally the WORST thing ever

Tote said...

I agree with The City Boy, you are lucky it wasn't a skunk. That is so funny, I would have loved to have seen that happening!
I think Louis still looks so cute. The good side is, he is ready for summer. Just tell people that that is his summer doo.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that's hilarious! First poor thing with his haircut disasters!! :( Second, the possum story is cracking me up!!

Love Cocktails and puppydog tails! said...

Oh my! That Opposum experience sounds pretty scary, I would have had a panic attack and I think I would have been running after my little guy like a maniac! hehehe! I also have to admit that you are far more brave than I am! If you remember back in FEBRUARY We had a bit of a haircut crisis with Duncan..... the poor pup came back almost bald YIKES! well, its hard to admit but I have been too scared to take him back soooo here it is the middle of June and he is Thick and CURLY (cute but his hair is OUT OF CONTROL! lol) I still remember the advice I got from Hoke.... Hair does grow back and thank goodness he was right!

Jenny DB said...

Ryan's dog just got sprayed with a skunk last week. He is now literally in the doghouse. ha. Possums are pretty docile.. they do look scary though! :-) So did you hold the {big smile} when you picked Louis up? :-)

The Bee Charmer said...

Perhaps it's time to look for a different groomer.....

But he's darling and precious and too cute to live.


Tonya, Finn and Lola Bean.

how i met your father blog said...

louis probably thought that possum was a baby hedgehog :)

Ashley said...

I would have screamed too, but no one would have heard me! ha
And, I didnt even know what furnishings were until you talked about his privates showing. tiem for a new groomer??

Sports-O-Nista said...

Aww, he looks adorable (as is usually the case when you think your haircut is horrible and it's really not). Surprised the possum hissed...usually the stupid things just wander around and...ya possum.

Anonymous said...

I would not have handled the possum thing well, at all!