Thursday, June 30, 2011

Westie Wednesday

I guess it's officially Thursday now.  I've not gone to sleep yet though, so it's still Wednesday in my world. I'm actually sitting in the Atlanta airport trying to get back to Smalltown, VA.  I've been trying to get home since 11am Wednesday morning.  It's now 5:04am on Thursday.  EGADS!

Louis has been staying with TEN while I've been in Vegas.  I only packed enough food to carry him through today.  That means that he is going to have to have some fresh chicken, and some other tasty things to tide him over.  I can assure you, he is quite pleased :)

Louis always enjoys his time at TEN's.  TEN walks him much more than I do.  I mean really walks him.  To the point that they get home and Louis takes himself directly to bed.

There was also a terrible thunderstorm in Smalltown, VA while I was away.  Louis is not a fan of thunderstorms, and TEN sent me the following photo of Louis post storm:

Poor little guy :(

I can't wait to get home to see what other fabulous things Mr. Louis has been up to this week!  And also to tell you all about Vegas.  I see some sleep in my future, once I finally make it home, and then I'll tell y'all all about it.

Desperately Seeking Sleep,



Anonymous said...

Your comment made me burst out laughing this morning, so much so that MB came out of the bathroom with shaving cream all over his face to see what was so funny.... which only made me laugh harder.

I've missed you and I can only imagine TEN and Louis missed you a thousand times more and can't wait to have you home.

Twenty Something Blonde said...

wowza thats a lot of traveling! I feel your pain, as I always seem to have airport issues :) Get some rest and then ENJOY your 4 day weekend at the lake! oh what a terrible life it sounds like :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Louis update!

My corgi used to be terrified of thunderstorms so you and Louis have my sympathy!!!

He looks adorable on the sofa!

Happy Fourth!

Ann said...

hope you don't have to wait in that airport much longer.