Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wow! What a Weekend!

A few more pictures from my Orlando trip (okay, really just the Peabody Ducks) were on TEN's camera.  Also a great video of the whole event.  However, his camera isn't cooperating with me at the no video quite yet.  Grrr...

(outside of the hotel)

(floor of the elevator to the "Mallard Tower" where my room was)

(pillow shams in my room)

(the penthouse elevator, reserved for the Peabody Ducks)

(brass sign to assure no one tries to ride the elevator)

Okay, so I'm done dwelling on the ducks.  I promise.  Well, until I figure out how to show you the video :)  hahaha...

Next up....

Memorial Day Weekend !

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em to head to the lake for a Wine Trek that The Voice of Reason put together in honor of Mr. Swiss' birthday :)  There are bunches of wineries "around these parts", but TEN and I stumbled across a hidden group of them a few weeks ago.  There are 5 wineries that make up their own little Wine Trail, and these are the 5 that we decided to visit over the weekend.

TVoR rented a big van to drive our group around, so no one had to worry about driving.  TEN was quite excited to hear this, and immediately invested in a wine "sippy cup".

(doesn't he look pleased with himself?  silly boy! )

(here we all are after winery #1!  still looking quite presentable :) 

(this was the prettiest vineyard and winery we went my opinion)

(we had a picnic lunch here at the "pretty vineyard & winery")

(the tasting room - complete with 2 presh pups!)

(TEN and I.  This is a terribly unflattering photo of both of us, but there you have it.)

(At the final winery we each wrote a birthday message on a cork for Mr. Swiss.  Then, we each used the corking machine to cork the bottle, pushing the previous cork into the bottle.  What a lovely keepsake from our birthday wine trek!)

(me corking the bottle with my cork.)

(the winery owner opened a barrel of red wine for us to sample.)

(the birthday boy gets to go first!)

(the birthday boy with his wine bottle full of corks in his side pocket for safe keeping :)

(Most of the group, enjoying some delish sangria!)

After the final winery we went back to Mr. Swiss & The Voice of Reason's lake house for presents.  Once upon a time when Mr. Swiss & The Voice of Reason had TEN and I over for dinner, Mr. Swiss shared some of his home brewed beer with us.  It was absolutely delish, and therefore TEN decided that he wanted to give Mr. Swiss a book about home brewing beers for his birthday.  This is what we picked out:

BTW...I just realized it's smarter to buy books online than in Barnes & Noble.  About a 50% savings.  Just a little FYI I only just discovered, and thought I would pass along :) 

And to supper!  I had...wait.  I'll give you 3 guesses.  And the first two don't count :)

I had.....

A filet!  I feel like I'm always telling you I've had a filet for supper.  I do like variety.  Honestly.  But, not as much as I like a filet.

And then....TEN and I drove home.  And we got lost.  And then the GPS took us down this gravel road in the dark with no houses and it was like we had driven right into a slasher flick.  And so we stopped, after 5.2 miles, and turned around.  And came back.  And it took us forever to get home.  But that's okay.  We made it :)

The next day we headed back up to the lake for a party on the water, and a cookout!  I don't have any pictures.  Sometimes I just get tired of taking pictures, and that is how it is.  (I sound like a whiney pants, don't I ?) 

I ate a hamburger that was possibly the most delicious I've ever had for supper.  The cow that died to make my most delicious hamburger was from just down the street.  So to speak.  And it was a HUGE burger.

And it was on a HUGE bun. 

And I cannot wait to go back to the lake so that I can buy another 5 pack of these magnificent burgers for $9.99.

On Memorial Day TEN and I just hung out at my pool, and then grilled out.  It was relaxing, and just what we both needed after such a busy Saturday and Sunday! 

Wow!  What a Weekend :)

I hope that each of you had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend as well, and I can't wait to hear about what YOU did!  I'm off to do that now.




Dee Stephens said...

You have to check out both of my last two posts. Especially the 10th wedding anny party..right up your alley.
Supper? So, Southern T! That wine trek sounds like my kind of birthday!!
I'm with you on taking pictures too. I got sorta tired this weekend and wanted to throw in the hat. It's kind of a lot of work when drinking! ;)

MCW said...

I am glad you and Ten didn't get lost forever and ever!

Saw a Westie yesterday. Almost stopped to take a picture for you...I rarely see them in the city!

Annie said...

That wine tour looks like so much fun! And whoa your pool is crowded!

how i met your father blog said...

i love all of these photos! the peabody looks like such fun... i love ducks!!

i, too, am a filet eater. if i have a choice then that's what i'm getting!

Ann said...

love the duck thing, that is so cool
Very neat birthday gift with the bottle of corks.

Annabel Manners said...

The name of your blog is genius! So clever and cute. Glad you had a fun Memorial Day weekend!

REBrown said...

I'm so jealous of all your wine tours! I really love wineries, but I'm not a huge wine fan so I never really go on them.

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

looks like a great weekend!

is that a country club pool?? :)

Amazing Fabulous Wedding said...

The peabody is beautiful! Glad you had a good time. Sounds like a fabulous weekend.

Unknown said...

What a fun winery trip! I love hitting up the VA wineries! Glad you had a great trip in Orlando -that's where I grew up! I used to love going to the Peabody to see the ducks!