Friday, August 7, 2009

Beerfests and Bridal Showers

This weekend is Smalltown, VA's beerfest. It's a HUGE event where microbreweries from up and down the East Coast come to town and set up in our park. The event is not only fun, but all proceeds go to support the arts in Smalltown, VA. So it's like drinking beer for a good cause. You can't beat that!

I'm on the board of the organization that puts this beerfest on. It's a lot of work. Not being on the board necessarily, but putting on this event. It our organization's largest even of the year, and it brings in thousands of dollars for our cause.

Thus far the weather reports say it will be a glorious day. I'm volunteering all day long at the event, and am excited to see how much money we can raise this year! So here is a shout out to Daisy for all of her hard work on this event (she is the event chair). You have done a fabulous job, and it will be a HUGE success!!!


Sunday is MK's bridal shower. I'm hosting the shower at my home, and I'm most excited!! I can't share with you any of the things WIMP and I are doing yet, because we certainly don't want MK to know before Sunday :) However, I will be sure to post pictures next week. Lots of friends will be coming together to celebrate MK and Brandon, and to shower them with gifts. Does it get any better than that? Oh does! I'm making my favorite concoction for the girls. Blueberry lemonade. Yummy!

Have a lovely weekend, and I hope the weather where you are is supposed to be as glorious as it is here.



Melia said...

YAY for blueberry lemonade!! As if I weren't excited enough about the shower.. now I know I will finally get to taste blueberry lemonade! Can't wait ;)

MCW said...

The beerfest sounds like so much fun!
I hope your bridal guests do not come across any spiders :)