Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Much Is Too Much?

Dear IBM Think Pad,

Is it really necessary to document all of the internet surfing I do? Is it a MUST that you tell the IT department when I've been doing it too much? Is it possible that you could quit jamming up and freezing because you have so many cookies or pies or whatever stored on you? Because are keeping me from being able to facebook and blog at work. And that, my dear IBM Think Pad, is a problem.





Friday night WIMP and I prepped for MKs Bridal Shower on Sunday. Remember that the super beer fest was all day Saturday, so we had to have everything in place Friday night.

(FYI...I just figured out how to make words extra large and extra small, and to use different fonts. I know, I know....I'm lame-o)

We attempted to go with a Moroccan theme, but I'm not sure we actually succeeded. What we did achieve was a lovely shower with bold, bright colors and lots of tasty cocktails :) I found these fancy sunflowers and made them the centerpiece of each table.

WIMP decorated the kitchen table with as many "Moroccan" colors as she could.

We have a new cupcake shop in town and none of us had sampled any of their treats yet. So, I decided MK needed to have them for her shower. They were....YUMMY!

MK racked up in the gift department, and now she and Brando are trying to figure out where to store all of their lovely prizes! Getting married sure is a lot of work :)


Saturday was an early morning to say the least! I was at the park early to help set up for the beer festival, and I swear by 9am it was already 95 degrees in the shade. Ugghhh. The great news is that, other than the heat, the weather was lovely. The festival was packed, and we made lots of money for our cause!!!!

By the end of the day we were all exhausted, and pretty much just wanted to collapse on the spot. Sweet little TEN lugged my 10x10 tent about 20 blocks from the park to his apartment. I would have tried to help you see, but it was all I could do to keep from lying down in a corner like a homeless person and taking a little siesta. I'm not even joking. We were that tired. I was also incredibly grumpy :( I can go 3 days without food and never lose my tempter. But take away my sleep and you are asking for it! I was snippy and snide and bless his heart TEN is quite the champ for not throwing me into oncoming traffic to hush my mouth. I promptly fell into bed and slept like the dead.

Another lovely weekend has come and gone:) AND...this weekend promises to be exciting to say the least. The Real Housewife of Delaware is getting married!!! I am a bridesmaid, and am most excited about the festivities. TEN and I will be heading out of town for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday. The wedding is Saturday evening, and then we will head back to Smalltown, VA on Sunday. Unfortunately for me...I then have to drive to DC Sunday evening for a Global Sales Summit for work. I will be there all week. Boo hiss!



MCW said...

Have fun at the wedding! Is is in DE?
And I did know what scrapple was (kind of), I just never actually read the definition and that made it sound extra nasty.

An American Girl in London said...

PLEASE leave your booing and hissing in delaware because you KNOW that dc will be fun. I know you won't be around lovely TEN (and trust that I wish he was coming because I sooo want to meet him :) ) but we will have a grand ol' time!!

DSS said...

MCW - it's actually NOT in Delaware. The bride is from Lexington, the wedding will be held there. Thank goodness!! It's a much shorter drive :)

AAGIL - hush your mouth. You get to fly. I have to drive. The boo hiss = my response to driving to DC yet again for the 27th time in 2months :(