Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Shame!!

I am terrible. Just plain terrible :(

KLC from Tales of a Northern Belle tagged me AGES ago, and I totally forgot to post about it. Gaahhhh! What is wrong with me? I've just gone and gotten myself so busy these last few months that I've forgotten the important things in life. My apologies KLC!

I've been tagged to list "Things that make me feel sexy". This is kindove funny, because I am probably the least sexy person in this world. I have always been described at cute...but NEVER sexy. At the time that KLC tagged me I asked TEN whatever I should blog about that makes me feel sexy. He knows I have this "I'm not sexy at all" complex. He suggested the following:

1. pickles
2. cheddar and sour cream chips
3. diet coke
4. murder she wrote

I'm not sure he really got the gist of it, but it made me laugh. Because really....the above 4 things are faves of mine. I'm not sure they make me feel "sexy", but they sure do make me feel happy. Yes, yes...I know. Murder She Wrote is from like the 70's or something. It's over. It's cheesy. I hear you. But I can't help myself. I have about 25 episodes DVR'd at any given time. Angela Lansbury has kept me company on many a cold, lonely, snowy night. So TEN can pick on her all he wants...she will always be special to me :)

Anyway, back to feeling sexy and such. Here are the rules:

1. Write 5 things that make you feel sexy
2. Post a pic (only if you dare)
3. Pass it on to 5 lovely bloggers
Okay, I'm going to give it a shot. Don't laugh.


1. Having a mani/pedi
2. Wearing super high heels (that I can actually walk in without falling over)
3. Wearing short dresses
4. Playing footsies under the table (in an inappropriate setting)
5. Knowing that someone can't get enough of you...and feeling exactly the same way :)

And, as for my picture......it does incorporate 3 of the above (mani/pedi - check, high heels - check, short dress - check). This is from the bachelorette party this past weekend. Details to come!

Totally random/awkward picture, I know....but I couldn't find any that didn't have my arms literally wrapped around others. Well, there is one....but it was tacky, so I'm not going to post it :) Anyway....the above picture depicts manicured/pedicured toes and fingers, high heels and a VERY short dress. So there!

I hereby tag the following people to tell us all what makes THEM feel sexy!

Here's to feeling sexy!



Blackeyed Susan said...

Yay! Thanks for the tag!

MCW said...

Ummm...too funny that you cover your face. I love Ten's list about you...shows that he "gets" you.

DSS said...

MCW - I know, I know. I just have this fear that someone from work will find my blog and ask "is that T???". This way I feel a bit protected. As if they couldn't figure it out anyway :)