Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If It's Not Negotiable, It's Not A Negotiation.....

I got back to Smalltown, VA on Sunday. I then had to leave that very evening for DC for a week long training on how to be a better sales person!! I have to say...I was NOT excited in the least. I've been through numerous sales trainings in my career. Most of them simply regurgitate what I already know and do every day in my job.

However...I was pleasantly surprised! This sales training was actually something a little bit different. Although many of the concepts were the same, our instructor took a different approach. He talked about how it is okay to walk away from a sale if you feel that the client isn't invested in moving forward. I don't know why that is so hard for me, but I've already "walked away" from two clients this week. It felt wonderful! They may come back on their own, but regardless...I will not be wasting any more of my precious time on them until they show me that we are a good fit.

WOW! That kindove sounds like a relationship doesn't it? Like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Perhaps I should have gone to this specific sales training long ago? It probably would have saved me lots of wasted time on guys that simply weren't invested enough. Because really, if it's not negotiable...it's not a negotiation. I always tend to date guys that try to negotiate with me. Negotiation about EVERYTHING. What we will have for dinner. What movie we will see. Where we will go on vacation. What the heck?!?!?! At what point did I not say "look sucker, I want to do this and if you don't then get lost". All relationships require COMPROMISE. I get that. But when the entire relationship becomes a negotiation, we have a problem.

So, I'm going to start treating my clients like we are in a relationship. A real, significant relationship. There are endless amounts of opportunities for me out there, and if someone is taking up too much of my time, becoming an emotional drain, and only bringing in limited $$ for me I am going to dump them. Oh the joys of being a consultant :)

The really fun part of our training (outside of me spending 4 straight days analysing relationships) is that our London counterparts came to DC as well! They were so much fun to hang out with. I really like getting to know people outside of the work environment, and let me just tell you.....the London bunch did not disappoint. Out of respect for everyone involved I will not post any pictures.....but oh how I wish I could!!!

MK and I (yes, MK had to go to the training as well) headed back to Smalltown, VA on Friday around noon. It took us 6 hours to get home due to traffic. I was rather grumpy and sleepy and all a mess upon my return, and went directly to TEN's house to decorate it in tacky, snarky bachelorette things for Saturday. God love him. He really is a good sport :) I won't go into why. Okay, yes I will. I couldn't blow up the p*nises and such and so he helped me. Isn't he a prince? I am so very lucky, and I do know it. Believe me. He let 16 girls take over his apartment, and he let me cover it from top to bottom with naked men and other tacky bachelorette party things. Thank you TEN. I will NOT forget that any time soon <3



TudorCity Girl said...

Wow- what a great post! Yes- that approach is similar to a relationship. I should have started using it years ago -- just walk away early on. Now I have learned and definitely take this approach now. LOVE this!
Glad you had a good, productive time while learning a lot. And glad you had fun too! I always thought Londoners were the most fun to go out with when they would visit for work!

And that TEN...You sure are one lucky girl. What is really nice is you fully realize it and appreciate it.
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice when training that you're dreading turns out good!

And TEN is quite the guy :)

p.s. Glad to see your back!

Wendy said...

So, I'm going to start treating my clients like we are in a relationship. A real, significant relationship.

Just don't sleep with them. That's frowned upon. :) Haha.