Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Real Housewife of Delaware was married the weekend before last. It was quite the affair, and she looked stunning.

TRHoD is always as cool as a cucumber. She doesn't let others (except for a treasured few) see her sweat. EVER. However, as we were all standing in the church waiting for them to tell us it was time to start walking down the aisle...she lost it. Completely lost it. As in hyperventilating and such. It was awful. I studied her closely. Trying to determine if she was thinking "Oh. My. God. What. Am. I. Doing?" OR if it was more of an "Oh. My. God. I've. Finally. Found. My. Husband."

I unzipped her wedding dress and she took a few deep breaths. Then the tears came. It was then that I realized that she was terrified. Not of marrying Mr. TRHoD. Of actually getting married. For years she and I have said we would grow old together. Alone, but together. We would be the two old ladies sharing a house with cats. Or dogs. Or whatever.

And all of the sudden...that wasn't going to happen. She was going to walk down the aisle to HIM. To the love of her life, and she would be a "wife" and "married" and have a "husband". It was all just too much to digest at once. We got her to the vestibule, and the bridesmaids marched on down to the front of the church. As TRHoD rounded the corner on her father's arm, I could see she was still hyperventilating. Halfway down the isle I thought she was going down. Her father supported her, and got her up to the alter, and to the groom.

And then...the most magical thing happened.

She relaxed. She smiled. She giggled. She just had to get to HIM and then she was okay. Everything was just as it should be.

I love a wedding where you don't just witness two people getting married. Instead you witness something magical. Something outside of what you rehearsed the night before. It makes it so much more real. And special. And it makes me want it too :)

The reception was a blast. Probably the second most fun reception I've ever attended. Saturday was a long day with hair and make-up and all that jazz. Poor TEN was stuck at the hotel all day by himself. I left at 9am, saw him for about 15 minutes while I changed, and then again right after the wedding at 5:45. I hadn't realized that there wouldn't be a plan for the dates of the girls in the wedding :( Good thing there were a few other "stranded" guys for him to chat with. All in all...I wrapped up the weekend adoring him even more. Any guy that can survive a wedding weekend with my friends deserves a gold star for sure, especially when he's left to fend for himself!

**note to self....always have a plan for the dates of your bridal party.

So here's to The Real Housewife of Delaware and Mr. TRHoD. Thank you so very much for having me as a part of your special day. Love and Happiness to you both.....

The Real Housewife of Delaware in her gown

Notice the "I Do" on her shoes? It was her "something blue". How clever!!

Some of the bridesmaids

TEN and I

Mr. & Mrs!!! (i adore the idea of having a "reception dress" to relax in)

The countdown is on for JLB & The Juggler! Their wedding is September 5th. So excited!!!



katie lake said...

Something liked that happened when my best friend got married. Hers was more about walking down the aisle alone. Her daddy passed away 4 summers ago so she chose to walk alone. Since she walked alone so did all the girls. We thought she was going to pass out until she took her husband's hand and, like magic, suddenly it was all ok.

MCW said...