Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend Recap.....On Thursday Of Course!

Hello.  Hello.  I'm here! 

I've been feeling incredibly unmotivated as of late, and have put off writing this post because I wanted it to be fun and snarky and such.  Unfortunately, I think it's going to be a bit dull because I've got no energy. 

It's overcast and rainy here in Smalltown, VA, and that never does much for the spirits does it?  I've got to get all gussied up to attend a dinner tonight, and all I really want to do is go home and curl up on the couch.  Sigh. 

Let's talk about last weekend shall we?  Let's talk about the FABULOUS celebration of nuptials that I attended.  Let's talk about all of the good friends I had the chance to visit with.  Let's NOT talk about the fact that Virginia Tech lost to Bama.  Okay?  Thanks :)

TEN and I left work early on Friday and headed to Johnson City, TN.  JLB and The Juggler live in Bristol, TN but decided to tie the knot at Maple Lane Farm in Johnson City.  Wow!  It was beautiful!!!  There is this gorgeous home on the property and I want to live there. 

I want those two men who own the house to come to my house to decorate.  I was a Nosy Nellie and peeped in to all of the rooms I could manage.  LOVE!

I took a picture of the bathroom sink because it was the only inconspicuous picture I could capture.  Isn't it fabulous?

There was a lenai where the food for the rehearsal dinner was served, and tables spread across the lawn where we ate.  JLB & The Juggler have a friend who is in a band, and the band played after dinner.  We danced ourselves silly, and it was just magnificent :)

Saturday we slept in, then sat by the pool for a bit.  "The girls", or those that were asked to wear a certain color to the wedding, headed over to the house at 2:00 to help JLB "get ready".  We had mimosas and took pictures and caught up even more.  JLB's family had pictures taken outside, and then the girls joined for pictures as well.  It was an absolutely perfect day, and I had to say a little prayer thanking God for blessing us with such glorious weather :)  Here are a few pics from the wedding and reception:
(JLB's fancy shoes!)
(me with JLB before the ceremony)
(JLB on her way to becoming a Mrs.)
(the barn you walk through to get to the ceremony)
(the barn from the outside)
(saying their vows)
(this is one of my very favorite pictures.  isn't it whimsical?!?!?)
(en route to the reception)
(arrival at the reception)
(reception tables)
(TEN & I doing the total prom pose)
By the way...I do realize that it's completely ridiculous that I block out faces.  But you know what?  I live in this silly little world where I still believe no one knows who T is.  And you know what else?  I kindove like it there:)
After the reception the guys were throwing a fit to get to a TV where they could watch the VT/Bama game.  So, we bought some beer and chips and headed back to our hotel room.  It was a very, very sad night to say the least :(
However, the next morning we were up and at 'em.  I had my very first "Bojangles experience" as TEN calls it.  I call it fast food fried chicken.  Either way, it was pretty good.  We said our goodbyes and started out on our Tennessee/Virginia Wine Trek.  TEN did a remarkable job organizing this little trek, if I do say so myself.  Here are some pics from the lovely wineries we visited:
(who knew there was such a place??)
By the end of the day I was wearing bunny ears...if that tells you anything :) 


MCW said...

I have have never had Sonic, but I have actually had Bojangles (way back when). I remember loving it, but I also remember having it when I had too much to drink in college. And alcohol makes everything delicious.
And you just did your 1st Wishful Wednesday with your house! ha

Blackeyed Susan said...

This looks like such a fun weekend! Your dress is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Fab pictures as always! Love your dress and bride's. And I think Thursday weekend updates are better -- it's like we're almost to the weekend so why not celebrate by remembering the last wonderful weekend.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Looked like a great place for a wedding and LOVED the shoes.

katie lake said...

Glad you had fun down in my neck of the woods! I'm hoping you stopped at the Abingdon Vineyard and Winery (one of my dad's friends). I love all the little places we have around here like Maple Lane.

Kate said...

Looks like a gorgeous wedding! Love that sink too