Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild Things? What Wild Things?

Please tell me you are familiar with the book Where The Wild Things Are?  It's a classic.  Not so much a classic in the sense of Wuthering Heights and such, but a children's classic.  I just assumed everyone had this book read to them as child.  I guess not. 

If you are familiar with this book, you have probably heard that they have now made a movie based on the book.   So here's my question.  Will parents still read this book to their children at night?  OR, will they simply stick the DVD in the player and let their children watch it?

Part of the magic of my childhood was having stories read to me by my parents.  Seeing the pictures in the book and imagining them to life!  My father making the "voices" of the characters is something I can still conjure up in my head if I close my eyes.  Priceless memories for me. 

Will my children have the same memories?  You betcha!  If I have children they will be forced to play outside.  They will not be allowed to exercise to the Wii.  I don't care if they are deemed "geeks" or "losers" by their classmates.  I will instill in them the magic of imagination that was given to me as a child.  I will also read them books at night.  I'm not saying they won't ever be able to see The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia movies, but by golly....they will know first and foremost that these are books.  AND THEN...they can revel in how similar (or not) the movies are to the images they have in their mind of these characters.

I'm sorry to be such a sour pus about all of this.  It's just that sometimes I wonder if we aren't robbing our future by taking away all of their challenges.  "Here child, you don't even have to take the energy to imagine what this character may sound like.  We shall go right ahead and make him a movie and then you can just watch and not use your imagination one little bit.  See now child.  Isn't that easier?  And while you're at it, have as many snackie cakes as you like because you don't need to worry about being healthy and able to run and play outside while you sit here and watch all of these movies."

Snark, snark.

And yes, just so you know....I will be standing in line to see Where The Wild Things Are on October 16.  But I've read the book.  I have my imagination.  I just want to see if Max sounds as silly in the movie as he did in my father's voice :)



MCW said...

Children so lack a complete sense of imagination now. My kids will be forced to play outside as well! My mom would basically lock us out until dinner!

TudorCity Girl said...

Ashamed to say I never heard of this book but will see if my sister has it for my niece and nephews-- if not, I will buy!
I still remember my ultimate fave- being read Goodnight Moon!

AMS said...

I totally agree...I was bummed when I first saw the trailer. This is one of those magical movies that I preferred in my imagination. Wish kids today could do the same.

jlmargs said...

B loves this book and his first statement after seeing the trailer was that he hopes the movie does not ruin his love for the book. About whether parents will read to their kids or pop in the DVD? I think it will depend on how much the parents value reading and that time with thier children.