Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Shoes = Slit My

Sorry, my positive attitude didn't last very long.

That song about some kid asking some man to give him money to buy his mother shoes b/c she is dying.  Hate it.  I mean seriously?  Why in the world does anyone want to listen to that at the holidays?  No matter what holiday you may/may not celebrate this time of year, I'm pretty sure if you are celebrating it's a happy occasion.  It's the CELEBRATION of something.  So, why are we singing about a poor kid whose mother is dying and needs to borrow some cash? 

Does anyone else understand this?



mrs.mfc said...

Oh my goodness I 100% agree with you. That is the most awful song ever!!! No sad Christmas songs!!

MCW said...


Almost as bad as I Hope you Dance by Leann Womack. I want to throw myself off a bridge when I hear it.

Leah said...

I have to change the station when I hear that song. Way too depressing!

Kassie said...

Ugh, I SO agree!! That song couldn't be more depressing, seriously. I get that it's sweet and all, but nothing I want to hear during the happy holidays! I saw the lifetime movie made from the song first, by accident, and then heard the song. Don't recommend either!!!

Anonymous said...

That song is so depressing!