Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Okay, So I Lied...

I have more to say about Christmas.

Like the fact that TEN got me these awesome stemless wine glasses, that are shaped more like rocks glasses, but are thin like wine glasses...that have "VINO" etched in them.

Like the fact that TEN's mother got me the prettiest scarf and necklace for Christmas.

Like the fact that TEN's sister gave me a bottle of champagne that says "Bitch" on the front.

Like the fact that TEN got me a foot massager, because he is not on board with massaging my feet.

Like the fact that I bought TEN socks and underwear for his stocking, and kindove feel like we are an old married couple because of it.

Like the fact that TEN's mother bought her boyfriend one of those laughing monkeys.  Do you know what I mean?  They are all the rage at the moment (apparently), and Louis snatched it!  He would not give it back.  So TEN's mother had to go to the store to buy another one so that Louis would quit having a fit.  SO EMBARRASSING!!!

Like the fact that Louis is STILL obsessed with this monkey, and I've taken a video.  (Please overlook the fact that my rug needs to be vacuumed.  Obviously I have been a little busy, and the cleaning lady comes tomorrow:)

Like the fact that TEN completely spoiled me with gifts, and is still give me ANOTHER one!  He is building me a bar for my dining room.  I don't have a proper bar, and I found one in Real Simple magazine that one can build in a closet.  It's rather swanky looking, and TEN has consulted with an electrician friend and a contractor friend and they are going to "break ground" after the first of the year. 

Like the fact that as much as I think I have to complain about sometimes (mother, TEN, Louis...whatever), I truly am the luckiest girl in the world.



Jenny DB said...

oooh you are a lucky girl. you must have been a good girl this year, too!!! we are very spoiled, and I.Love.It.

You will have to share pics of the new bar, cuz that is VERY COOL> also got Joe undies for the stocking, which his mom usually does but i said it's my job now :) baby steps.

That monkey is sooo cute, similar situation in our house. I got my lil 4 yr old boy cousin Walter the Farting Dog stuffed animal and Book for xmas you squeeze it and it .. well, you know.. (gross, i know.. but he loved it) well Bondi also loved it. And now it's missing an eye. Ooops.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I am laughing about the fact that you got TEN underwear. Before Twenty and I broke up, my mom had bought him a pack of socks because, well, that's what he wanted. I guess the fact that you can be amused when getting things like socks and underwear from your significant other, it means you are not only comfortable, but really enjoy each other (and aren't one of those high-maintenance gf's who must have bling for every gift! ;)

TudorCity Girl said...

you truly are very lucky!!! glad you had such a nice Christmas. Louis is too cute!!!
I can't believe TEN is building you a bar???!! Wow!