Tuesday, June 29, 2010

12 Marks of a Modern Day Gentleman

A very good friend of mine is a DJ in NYC.  DJs apparently have endless access to newsworthy information.  Things to discuss on the air and such.

Today Mr. DJ found something quite fabulous.  He just sent me the link, and of course I wanted to share.  I should probably open up a new match.com account and post this as my "what I'm looking for"!  haha..just kidding.  Well, for today anyway :-o

So here they are....12 Marks of a Modern Day Gentleman as proposed by TrésSugar.:

1.Read the news today: We know he was on the Internet, but can he talk about the big stories? A modern-day gentleman can.

2.Doesn't overuse Facebook: he shouldn't be updating it like a 16-year-old girl. True for Twitter too.

3.Dresses up without borrowing: He may need to rent a tux, but other than that he's ready, pressed, and set for any occasion.

4.You can take him anywhere: Whether it's to an art opening or a bar closing, he knows how to act, dress, and circulate at (nearly) every occasion.

5.Recommends books: He not only reads, but he has an opinion on what's good, what's not, and what you'd like.

6.Tips well: If you can't afford the tip, then you can't afford the dinner. A gentleman knows this, and he will not try to weasel out of it.

7.Pays you back: Nothing should stop him from paying you back, especially if it's a large sum. Not even a breakup!

8.Doesn't talk about exes: Unless you ask him (and do you really want to?), he doesn't talk about his ex-girlfriends. Especially by obliquely referring to them as "friends"!

9.Can cook dinner: Really, it's not that hard. It doesn't have to be amazing or gourmet or even in season; it just needs to be, well, cooked.

10.Holds the door: It may sound old-fashioned to the point of passé, but it's one of those small gestures that's just better off done. If he does it, we notice; and if he doesn't, we wonder why.

11.Is kind to women — and men: Kindness knows no gender, and he knows that. If he's nice to only ladies, then he's in it to win them. And, he'll always lose.

12.He's not perfect, and he knows it: With this list, we're not saying a modern-day gentleman is made of perfection. We don't want to live with that, and we certainly don't want to live with a man who believes it.
What do you think friends?  Did they include everything that is needed to deem someone a "Modern Day Gentleman"?  If not...what did they forget?
Have you seen the Brooks Brothers Book "How To Be a Gentleman"?  I have given this book to every guy I have ever dated.  Not because I didn't think they were gentleman, but simply because I think it's something every man should have.  It's clever and witty, and really does have some great info in it.  Let me just say that if I EVER find someone who can check off everything in this book as "that's me", then I'm sold.  Heck, I'D even buy HIM an engagement ring :)


Jenny DB said...

Hmm I like this list. I think mine meets most of these criteria. The one thing not so much... news/books. He says he's just so busy with work. The only news he gets is with me.. the Daily Show. And I have not seen him read a book other than one in his industry since we started dating. Now that I think of it, though, I think I've only read TWO... (THE BOOK, and Pillars of the Earth... amazing!) it just is hard to find the time. Excuses excuses though, we find the time to do everything else! Anywhoo, I will have to check out that book you give your boys. Our 2 year is coming up next week and i need to get him a lil something. hehe

VA Gal said...

I would maybe add a couple of things, but I think it's a good list. It reminds me that my DH is indeed a modern gentleman.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

My husband definitely fits the bill. He wouldn't even think of having Facebook, he owns a tux, and shares his opinions on everything from books to news. Love it! Nice to know I'm married to a true gentlemen.

Great post!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

OOOH I like this!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

I love this post, that book is AWESOME! Happy to say I married a gentleman too. You are adorable BTW. Hugs to you friend!

PS - Can't wait to see what you post for your tag! :) xoxox

MCW said...

Hails a taxi for you, kisses you as he opens the poor, puts you in, shuts the door and waits for taxi to drive away. But, I'm not picky or anything :)

Oh...I also believe a guy should always offer to carry your bags!!!

Ashley said...

I love this list. The main one my man is missing is the reading books part. I think he has been reading the same book since January! Newspapers: yes, books...eh, not so much. I wish he did read though! owell.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great list!