Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I posted HERE about the new post "separator" that Dawn from Lydia and Pugs made for me.  I Googled to find out exactly how to insert it.  I followed those directions, and on the preview it showed up beautifully.  A little row of westies separating each blog post, rather than the white line. 

However, when I published/saved/whatever...it didn't work :(  The line of westies only showed up after the first two blog posts.  AND THEN...when I would scroll down to see if they continued, and then back up to the beginning, the westies after the first two blog posts disappeared too!!!

What am I doing wrong?  Have you any ideas?  I've paid to have these precious little pups created and I so desperately want to use them.

Any ideas you have would be most appreciated!!


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Julie Leah said...

Oh no, I wish I could help with this! I tried to insert a post divider the other day and it didn't work :( I will let you know if I figure it out!