Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Westie Wednesday

Welcome to Westie Wednesday, featuring everyone's favorite pup...
Louis Wellington!

Any of you that have (or have had) dogs no doubt understand why I'm snapping pictures of him constantly.  He's just so completely precious, and does the silliest things.  The other night he was playing with his toy "legs".  He adores this toy, and we came up with the idea of tying it around his neck.  I don't know why.  We just did.  And he let us.  And then he smiled for the camera.  And I've decided LW is the most docile little pup in the world, because he didn't even complain :)

(please note that his squeaky doughnut was not far from his reach either!)

While I was at the Pink Ribbon Polo Cup, Louis stayed with TEN.  Louis and I have a very chill lifestyle.  We take leisurely walks when the sun is setting.  We snuggle on the couch.  We play a bit of fetch here and there.  He attends daycare two days a week where he gets most of his exercise, and that's about it. 

However, when he and TEN get together it's full on PLAY TIME.  While I was away TEN sent me updates on their adventures.  I think the pictures will tell the story themselves....

Louis came home from the weekend with a new toy.  Let me tell you, it is the grossest thing.  It's this rubber pig.  Like the pigs you dissected in biology class.  Seriously.  And he loves it :(  He goes absolutely wild for it, and I wish I had a video of the nonsense that took place Sunday night!  Here are some pictures:

Finally I said "LW, please give me that gross pig and go play with legs or something."  He immediately stopped playing and I smiled.  What an obedient pup I have!  And then.....he then slowly placed his paw on the pig as if to say "HANDS OFF MY PIG!" and growled at me :-o  And I caught it on film:

My mother used to tell me that I was "willfully disobedient" as a child.  Well mom, guess what....I've passed that charming trait on to my four legged child.  Lovely.

He has taken the pig to sleep with him for the last 3 nights.  Grrrr....


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Jenny DB said...

bahaha oh dear, that pig. OH dear.