Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Not Bipolar, I'm Just a Gemini

BFF shared the title of this post with me today :)  We are both Geminis, and we completely realize that dealing with us can sometimes be a bit "trying".  One day we want one thing, the next day we want something else.  But it's not our fault.  Right?

My birthday celebration was AMAZING.  That is the only word to describe it.  Seven of my besties and I met in a quaint little city and made the most of it.  We met some interesting characters.  We drank far too many shots.  We ended the night at a hot dog stand, where people were yelling at us with bull horns.  We started the next day with brunch.  And then did some shopping.  It was nothing short of amazing, and I realized something this weekend.  No matter where I am next week, next month or next year....I will be happy.  I have the most amazing girlfriends in the world, and they will ALWAYS be there to laugh with me.  And to dance with me.  And to smile with me. 

(T, Barbie, RHWOD, Me, MK, WIMP, BFF)

(Me, MK, WIMP, BFF, B, T, RHWOD, Barbie)

Daisy wasn't able to join in the celebration with us, so she graciously offered to keep LW for me.  Boy did he have a good time!  Although I would have liked nothing more than to wake up on my birthday morning with puppy kisses, I knew he was in good hands:

(Louis on an adventure in Daisy's back yard!)

(when I got home LW couldn't even hold his head up.  Too much fun for this pup!)

Last night I gave a bit of thought to the last year of my life.  Because can one not?  Another year has passed, and a new beginning is upon me.  Although the last month of my life has been heartbreaking, I wouldn't take back the last year for anything.  Seriously.  I would probably have done a few things differently, but all in all......I've laughed more, smiled more and loved more than I have in a long, long time :) 

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'll tell you one thing will find me with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. And a new mantra to boot:

Don't promise me the moon or the stars, just promise me you'll stay under them with me.

Hope your Monday is as lovely as mine is!



Lauren said...

Good glad you had a good time! Looks like you rocked the outfit too :)

Anonymous said...

Great quote! Loving the outfit -- that color is lovely. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

Kim Reese said...

Glad to read you are in a good place. Now send some of that enthusiasm my way! :)

An American Girl in London said...

good quote. i'm glad you had a BLAST!

Meg said...

Great quote. That dress is super cute!

TudorCity Girl said...

LOVE this. And the quote!
Happy belated birthday! I am so glad you had such an amazing time with your friends, and so glad that this past year has been great for you! Yes, the past month- heartbreaking and rough.
I can't tell you how incredibly much your last comment meant to me.. how I can so totally relate. I mean everything you said is right on. and also how glad I was to hear what you told me. :) More soon. For now, I just want to thank you for the awesome advice, the support and knowing you can so relate and understand meant the world to me. THANK YOU!!! I am hanging in there. Certainly don't have your strength though!