Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cooking Class #2 - Cavatini

Last night I hosted our second cooking class.  My hosting pretty much defeated the purpose, as I'm the one that really doesn't know how to cook...but anyway...

We started out with a glass of wine. 

I find that a glass of wine tends to get everyone into the cooking mood :)

We each picked wine glass markers that described the way we were feeling last night:

(i was "volatile", Daisy was "immature", and Marilyn Monroe was "ripe"!)

I had everything we would need set out and ready to go:

(check out my 1940's stove.  i absolutely adore it)

Cavatini is a meaty pasta casserole that can be made with any leftovers that you have.  It's a bit like a "chef salad", if you will.  The idea is that back in the old country they would throw in all of the left over types of pasta, meats, cheeses and vegetables to make one big dish! 

I gave a little bit of "instruction".......

(notice my blonde hair....yipppeeee!!!!)

.....and we were off!

I chose to use penne pasta, farfalle, ground beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and meat sauce. 

A very quick and easy dish, that is absolutely delish!!  (awww...i made a rhyme.  aren't i clever)

Of course, once we were finished with our supper Louis wanted to sit at the table for the gossip part of the evening.  He is such a gossip!

(notice my "surprise" at the gossip Louis has just shared with us)

Daisy was NOT PLEASED when we ran out of wine:

So, I had to get out another bottle.  Probably a bad decision, based on how I feel today :(  Louis, however, thought it was a FINE the time :

("yea, yea, yea mummy.  do it!")

He is also an instigator.  A gossip and an instigator.  He must get that from his father, because clearly I would NEVER do any such thing :-o

Overall it was a lovely evening!  I happened to snap this picture before the girls came over.  It looks like fall has officially "fallen" at Casa Seersucker:

Happy Fall y'all,



Dee Stephens said...

so fun!! I love that Louis likes to gossip. My friend Dana's dog, Reilly, likes to do the same. Hers is a social butterfly. BTW - I have those same wine tags. Someone gave them to us at our bar shower.

Dana-Lynn said...

Every time I see a yummy looking pasta dish I want to karate chop my gluten allergy for not allowing me to enjoy it. Looks like y'all had fun, and Louis is adorable!

how i met your father blog said...

louis is too precious. love him (and his gossipy ways!!)

Ashley said...

That looks SOO good, Almost as good as the Cab Sauv :))

Jess said...

YUMMY!!! I have to try this...and I LOVE your stove!!! What are you guys cooking next week?

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! Louis is too cute :)

Ann said...

Duke also enjoys sitting at the table and joining in on the gossip. Your casserole made me very hungry it looks really yummy :)

MCW said...

Ew. The word ripe kind of grosses me out. I don't even want to feel that way. ha

Deviled Megs said...

Not gonna lie...I have a little kitchen crush on your stove.

Bronwen said...

Looks amazing! Would you send me the recipe? Or at least the relative proportions? :) (bronwen.young @ gmail dot com)

TudorCity Girl said...

SO great you're taking a cooking class! After seeing the pics, I want to make pasta now...problem is I just ate! Looks fun. Let us know what you make next class.
So glad you're doing great and thank you, as always for the well wishes on my blog!! I have been terrible with keeping up lately, and I have no fun life like you do-- just work now!