Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Westie Wednesday

Louis says "hi!".  In the picture below he is laying on a purple sheet that is currently covering my white couch.  I purchased a white couch before Louis came into my life, if you were wondering, and had I known he would be a part of my little family I would have opted for a darker color for sure! 

I grew up with a westie, name Piper, and he was NOT allowed on the couch.  However, when we would venture out and about he would spread out on the couch and make himself comfortable.  When we came home we could always tell Piper had been on the couch because it would be warm where he had been napping.

When Louis came home with us, I decided Louis WOULD be allowed on the couch.  What I hadn't planned on were his dirty little paws!  My white couch quickly became gray :(  I resorted to throwing fleece blankets over the couch, but he would still manage to leave his mark.

Last week I decided to wash all of the slip covers.  My couch is once again white, but I need to figure out an attractive way to protect it.  My old college green & purple flat sheets definitely do not fit the bill.  Do those of you that have pups have any suggestions?  I have a large "v" shaped couch, so a normal slip cover probably wouldn't work.  I need something that covers not only the seated part of the couch, but also the back pillows and the top.  Louis loves nothing more than napping on the top of the couch:

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to Louis that I would greatly appreciate it if he would wipe his paws off before jumping onto the couch.  It really would make things so much easier for both of us.  Or, perhaps he could ASK to get up on the couch?  This way I could check his paws for dirt before he proceeded to march all over it.  Clearly he is NOT a fan of either suggestion:

I tried once again to broach the subject, and I promptly had a rear thrust in my face.  And then he tooted.  I guess that means the discussion is over?

I finally acquiesced.  I told Louis that the couch was "ours".  I assured him that we would find a solution that suited both of us.  That made one very dirty little puppy very happy :)

So, any suggestions or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated!



Ann said...

Duke allows us to sit on his couch with him. He prefers the back of it anyway for napping. I just have a fleece blanket tucked into the cushions and he doesn't pull it out at all. There's always an afghan on the back and that's his favorite spot to lay so solves the problem.
Other than buying slip covers for your couch (which I've always hated) can't think of anything else.

how i met your father blog said...

your louis is ADORABLE. our wonder dog sits on the couch all day and we just put fleece blankets on his spot... i guess we're lucky in that he only likes to sit in one spot!

The Bee Charmer said...

My couch is white and I would guess that my corgis are infinitely dirtier than Louis. Frequent vacuuming and lots of Scotchguard have saved us so far. And they get toweled down if they come in wet and/or muddy. Oh - and I have some blankets from IKEA that we use during the winter. They are fleece and they have more "grip" than sheets. And they wash up well. Smoochies to you and Louis.

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I tend to stay away from white furniture, carpet, draperies, etc., despite the fact that I LOVE white, because of two little Munchkins. They rarely get dirty but I don't want to take any chances. My couch is cappucino colored and microfiber, so it is super easy to spot clean. So, all that to say that I have no advice! Sorry. I will probably never have white carpet, furniture, etc. because if its not dirty little doggies it will be dirty little human hands and feet on my children! :Sigh: I do love me some white though. :(

Bronwen said...

I love white couches! Mine was from Ikea, and I'd throw the covers in the wash frequently... and every couple of years just spend $100 on a new one.

Do they make doggie slippers? Socks? that might work...

Anonymous said...

Louis looks so comfortable on the couch! Growing up, my mom used to put blankets down on her navy blue couch so our yellow Lab wouldn't scratch the cushions.