Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pardon Me. Could You Hand Me That Spatula?

Goodbye long weekend.  I will miss you so....

I had Monday off for Columbus Day :)  Ever since I read A People's History of the United States I have NOT been a fan of Christopher Columbus.  However, if my company wants to give me a day off...I'll take it!

Friday night I saw The Social Network

I highly recommend that you see it, but I wouldn't say it has to be seen in the theater.  The first 1/2 to 3/4 of the movie were FANTASTIC.   In truth, I didn't know the story of how Facebook came to be.  I had heard rumors, of course, but I didn't KNOW know.  Now I do :)  I like to know things.  However, I was ready for it to be over before it was.  Never a good sign :(  BUT....it is definitely a must see....when it comes out on DVD.  Or, if you can't stand to wait to see it (as I couldn't), have at it.  I don't think you will be too disappointed.

We went to dinner at a local Mediterranean restaurant, where I had Chicken Souvlaki

Then, we walked over to a historic theater in town to see the movie.  Dinner was delish, and as I said...I did enjoy the movie.  Then it was off to a local dive bar for a few cocktails before heading home!

Saturday Daisy and I took our pups to a local farm to pick out our pumpkins! 

I got a regular sized pumpkin for me, and a mini pumpkin for Louis.  Louis was given the assignment of sniffing out the very best pumpkins for us to bring home:

He took his job very seriously, and in the end we were both very pleased with the pumpkins he chose!  More on our visit to the farm AND our day at the dog park tomorrow for Westie Wednesdsay....

Saturday night was The Voice of Reason and Mr. Swiss' wedding reception!!  As I mentioned before, they were married a few weeks ago in Barbados:

Lucky girl got to wear her wedding gown a SECOND time when she celebrated with all of us over the weekend :)

(Mr. Swiss and The Voice of Reason having their "second" First Dance)

(TVoR asked her besties to wear red shoes to the reception, to serve as non-bridesmaids.  I was so honored to be included!)

(we had a good time Saturday night.  i'm pretty sure this picture speaks for itself.)

(please don't ask why i have leaves sticking out of my dress.  but, here's an "up close" of the jewels and color of my dress.  it's photographs terribly!  )

Sunday I was feeling under the weather.  It had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that I had a few cocktails on Saturday night. Nothing I tell you!

BFF and her husband stayed the night at my house Saturday night.  They live out in the "country", so they cabbed it downtown and then back to my house with me.  We all slept in, and then they headed home and left me on the couch.  Saturday I watched 27 episodes of NCIS and 14 episodes of Criminal Minds.  Okay, okay...perhaps I'm exaggerating.  But it was close!  I also discovered Lifetime Movies free OnDemand.   Great.  I plan to see a lot of Tori Spelling in the near future.

Monday was laundry and dishes and Kroger and dog park and reading and more TV. 

I have zero excuse to not be 100% rested and ready for the week!  Which is a good thing.  Because I've got a VERY exciting and busy week ahead :)  My week may, or may not, even include a cooking class :-o 

More on that later.




Annie said...

I think we're going to see Social Network on Friday night...we shall see.

Cute dress for the wedding! Sooo, you got overserved - awesome! :) Not so awesome on Sunday I bet.

Have fun at your cooking class. I went to one of those a couple of years ago - very fun!

Deviled Megs said...

I absolutely LOVE that cute red shoe idea -- what a fun way to let people at the reception know who the really special girls are ;)

Jess said...

We might go see Social Network tonight...I'm not dying to see it, but I have no idea what else is at the movies :( bad me...

I'm glad you felt well enough to enjoy the weekend! I think I am coming down with something AGAIN...the joys of being a teacher :)

MCW said...

I am not sure why you would NOT have leaves coming out of your dress. Obviously you were getting into the fall spirit...or maybe trying to attract a mate like a male peacock?

Ann said...

I never go see movies in theaters. much rather watch from the comfort of my couch. Lucky you having a 3 day weekend. Sounds like it was a very busy one.

Jess said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! Love the red shoes :)

And, what is up with Tori Spelling and made-for-tv-movies? She's all about them. I have to be honest though, I'm a made-for-tv-movie junkie. ESPECIALLY if Tori Spelling is in them. I know they're going to be terrible, yet I cannot turn away!!

Hope you have a great (short) week. Thank goodness for long weekends!

Jenny DB said...

mmm weddings are my fav!!! your dress is very pretty :-) but lifetime movies? really? now i dont know if i can trust your seersucker reviews ;-)

Carole said...

Love the red shoe idea.

Now that I have Netflix (and OnDemand), I rarely go to the theater any more. Also, the idea of bedbug infestations in dark movie theaters creeps me out!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Your dress is beautiful! I can't wait to see how you and Louis decorate your pumpkins!

how i met your father blog said...

what a fun fun idea -- love the red shoes!

SASS said...

1- I never told you that your header inspired my own! I love it. Perfect.
2- Love the red shoes.
3- We would quite possibly be besties if you lived here or I there, those leaves and awesome jeweled dress are evident of this.
4-Louis+ pumpkins = ADORBZ!